Making the Most of Email Marketing with Digital Patient Chart Chiropractic Software

Email marketing is still one of the most efficient digital marketing strategies. According to OptinMonster the return on investment for each $1 dollar spent is $40 for email marketing. By comparison, SEO has an ROI of only $22.24. This is why businesses in all industries continue to invest in this type of marketing. As a chiropractor trying to grow their practice, you should also create a solid email marketing strategy.

Chiropractor and Marketer? You Can Be Both with Digital Patient Chart Chiropractic Software

Digital marketing is your key to having a thriving chiropractic business. And it is not cheap, especially if you consider hiring an agency to do your work. Also, working with an agency does not always guarantee success. Lack of proper communication and understanding of your practice can lead to a strategy that does not bring you the patients you need.

On the other hand, you are not a marketer and don’t have the time to learn how to ace email marketing. However, you do not need to learn it, if you have Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software. Our platform and the team of specialists ready to assist you will help you run an effective email marketing strategy, like a professional.

Here are just a few instances of how you can grow your practice by using this kind of marketing strategy in the most efficient way:

1. Create a Unique Brand for Your Practice

The brand image is what makes the difference between Coca-Cola and some obscure soft drink companies struggling to stay on the market. The well-known beverage giant has a universally known name, logo, and marketing strategy. People recognize its banners and TV commercials in an instant.

As a chiropractor, you also need a brand image. It is what makes your patients stay loyal, and new patients recognize you from the referrals they got from family members and friends. Email marketing with Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software helps you build a brand image by:

  • Customizing each template with the logo and name of your practice
  • Using a consistent approach and language in communicating with your patients
  • Sharing useful and interesting information that educates your patients.

2. Keep Your Patients in the Loop

The average person knows very little of a chiropractor’s work and procedures. Some people are wary of whether you can actually help them with their conditions. This is where email marketing comes in to help you win their trust.

Using Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software, you can find relevant articles on the internet, explaining your work in detail. These links can be easily inserted into your newsletters and sent out to patients and leads. Thus, you will educate them about your profession and the benefits of your treatments without losing valuable time writing down these explanations.

3. Find Out How Patients Feel about Your Practice

Email marketing is more than sending offers, articles to read, and appointment reminders. It is also about knowing if your patients are happy with your treatments. Using an online tool like SurveyMonkey, you can create quick polls and then send them by email to your patients.

The responses you get will help you improve your practice, from the way your staff welcomes each employee, to the way you keep them up to date with the progress of their treatment.

4. Don’t Lose Valuable Patients

Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software helps you create a sustainable email marketing strategy for all your patients, including those who missed an appointment or two. You can schedule automatic emails as well as mobile notifications for these patients.

In many cases, they forgot about the appointment or something came up at the last moment. Receiving these messages is a clever way to prevent your patients from abandoning your practice.

5. Promote Special Events

As part of your work, you attend professional events or even get invited to hold a keynote speech. If the event is broadcast online, you should share the link to your patient in an email. Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software allows you to find a suitable email template and customize it for this purpose.

This type of self-promotional email marketing strategy will show your patients that you are a trusted and respected professional among your peers. This will make them be even more confident in your skills and treatment scheme.

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