DPC Case Study: Dr. Brian Asby’s Practice

Enhancing Medical Records Management and Patient Care at Dallas Synergy Chiropractic

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Dr. Brian Asby and Brittany Asby operates Dallas Synergy Chiropractic, a practice that offers a wide range of chiropractic and wellness services. Dr. Asby was looking for an EHR system that would help his practice better manage medical records and improve patient care. By implementing DPC EHR, Dr. Asby’s practice successfully streamlined their medical records management, leading to enhanced patient care and more efficient workflows.

Key Features

Electronic Medical Records

DPC EHR’s electronic medical records feature allowed Dr. Asby’s practice to easily create, store, and access patient records, including consultation notes, lab results, radiology reports, and prescriptions.

Secure Messaging

The secure messaging feature in DPC EHR enabled Dr. Asby’s practice to safely communicate with patients and other healthcare providers, fostering collaboration and enhancing care coordination.


DPC EHR offered seamless integrations with various third-party systems, such as labs and pharmacies, allowing Dr. Asby’s practice to streamline their workflows and reduce manual data entry.


After adopting DPC EHR, Dr. Asby’s practice experienced several positive outcome

Enhanced Care Coordination

The secure messaging and integrations features in DPC EHR improved care coordination among healthcare professionals, leading to more efficient and effective patient care.

Reduced Medical Errors

With the electronic medical records feature, Dr. Asby’s practice was able to significantly reduce medical errors by ensuring that patient records were always up-to-date and easily accessible.

Streamlined Workflows

DPC EHR helped Dr. Asby’s team save time and resources by automating various administrative tasks and enhancing overall practice efficiency.

Dr. Brian Asby’s practice serves as an excellent example of how DPC EHR can help healthcare providers better manage medical records and enhance patient care. By leveraging the EHR system’s key features, Dr. Asby’s practice was able to improve their workflows, reduce medical errors, and provide exceptional care to their patients.

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