Custom Shop & EHR for Patient Convenience

Streamlined Product Ordering, In-Office Pickup, and Direct Shipping Options

Key Features

Digital Patient Chart EHR can be seamlessly integrated with our Custom Shop, offering patients an easy and convenient way to purchase healthcare products directly through the patient portal. Our one-stop solution allows for streamlined ordering, in-office pickup, and direct shipping options, enhancing the patient experience and simplifying your practice’s product management.

Patient Portal Integration

Patients can easily browse and order healthcare products through the integrated Custom Shop within their patient portal. This convenient access allows them to make purchases based on their healthcare needs and providers’ recommendations.

Receipts and Invoices

All receipts and invoices for purchases made through the Custom Shop are automatically saved within the patient portal, providing patients with easy access to their purchase history and simplifying record-keeping.

In-Office Pickup

Patients have the option to pick up their products directly from your office during their visit, offering convenience and saving on shipping costs. This feature also helps to strengthen the patient-provider relationship by encouraging in-person interaction.

Direct Shipping

For added convenience, patients can choose to have their products shipped directly to their home or preferred address. Our one-click system supports popular shipping providers such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx to ensure timely and reliable delivery.

Inventory Management

The Custom Shop integration includes an inventory management system, allowing your practice to easily track product stock levels and reorder products as needed. This ensures your patients always have access to the healthcare products they need.

By integrating the Custom Shop with DPC EHR, you can offer your patients a seamless and convenient way to purchase healthcare products directly through their patient portal. This added convenience can lead to increased patient satisfaction and improved practice efficiency.

Our Pricing Plans

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Basic Plan

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For practices just getting started and exploring our products.

Patient Management
Medical Records
Secure Messaging
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Premium Plan

From $150 / mo

For new medical practices that have 500 patients in database.

All Basic Plan Features
Billing and Insurance
Advanced Integrations
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Enterprise Plan

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For medical practices that have 1000 patients in database.

All Premium Plan Features
Custom Integrations
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