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Streamline Patient Registration, Maintain Accurate Medical Histories, and Manage Appointments Efficiently. Simplify Your Patient Experience with Multilingual, User-Friendly Access to Health Records, Forms, and Communication

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Easy Management

Managing your patient information has never been easier with Digital Patient Chart. Our patient management features are designed to help you keep accurate records and enhance the patient experience.

Patient Registration

Quickly and easily register new patients with our intuitive interface. Update patient information, such as contact details and insurance information, to maintain up-to-date records.

Medical History

Access comprehensive patient medical histories, including past diagnoses, treatments, medications, and allergies. Use this information to make informed decisions during patient consultations and provide better care.


Schedule, track, and manage appointments with our user-friendly calendar. Filter appointments by provider, status, or type for optimal organization and efficiency.

DPC EHR Patient Portal

Our patient portal is designed to offer convenient, secure access to health information, appointment scheduling, and communication with healthcare providers. With a user-friendly interface and multilingual support, the Digital Patient Chart patient portal empowers patients and their families to take control of their healthcare journey.

Comprehensive Health Records

Patients can easily view and update their medical history, including the subjective part of the SOAP note, ensuring that their healthcare providers have access to accurate and up-to-date information.

Electronic Forms

Patients can read, complete, and electronically sign forms from the comfort of their home, saving time during office visits and streamlining the check-in process.

Multilingual Support

The patient portal automatically displays content in the user’s preferred language, based on their browser language settings or on-demand selection, ensuring a personalized and accessible experience for all patients.

Family-Friendly Access

Family members can use the same portal, with each person having a separate account based on their name, allowing for easy management of multiple family members’ health information.

Appointment Management

Patients can create, reschedule, or cancel appointments directly through the patient portal, offering a convenient and efficient way to manage their healthcare schedule.

Secure communication

The patient portal enables secure chat between patients, doctors, and staff, facilitating prompt and efficient communication regarding medical concerns, appointment scheduling, and other inquiries.

Personal Injury (PI) Support

For PI patients, lien forms can be electronically signed and automatically appear on the attorney portal for seamless communication and coordination between healthcare providers and legal representatives.

Our mission at Digital Patient Chart EHR is to provide a patient portal that simplifies and enhances the healthcare experience for both patients and providers. With easy access to health records, forms, and communication in multiple languages, the DPC EHR patient portal empowers patients to take control of their healthcare journey, while streamlining administrative tasks for healthcare providers. Discover the benefits of our patient portal and join the DPC family today.

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