DPC Case Study: Dr. Drew Hall’s Practice

Streamlining Practice Management and Enhancing Patient Communication at Sarasota Upper Cervical

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Dr. Drew Hall operates Sarasota Upper Cervical, a chiropractic clinic in Sarasota, Florida. Focused on upper cervical care, Dr. Hall and his team provide their patients with a holistic approach to health and wellness. They were in search of an EHR system that would streamline their practice management, improve patient communication, and reduce administrative workload. By implementing Digital Patient Chart, Dr. Hall’s practice experienced significant improvements in efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Key Features

Patient Portal

The patient portal feature of DPC allowed Dr. Hall’s practice to enhance communication with patients. With easy access to their medical records, appointment scheduling, and secure messaging, patients were able to take a more active role in managing their health.


DPC’s scheduling tools enabled Dr. Hall’s team to efficiently manage appointments and reduce no-shows. The automated reminders and customizable calendar views provided a user-friendly experience for both staff and patients.


With the analytics and reporting feature of DPC EHR, Dr. Hall’s practice gained valuable insights into their performance. They were able to track key metrics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the quality of care.


Upon implementing DPC EHR, Dr. Hall’s practice experienced several positive outcomes

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Thanks to the user-friendly patient portal and enhanced communication, patients reported increased satisfaction with their overall experience at Sarasota Upper Cervical.

Streamlined Workflows

DPC EHR helped Dr. Hall’s team reduce administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on providing quality care to their patients.

Increased Efficiency

The advanced features of DPC EHR, including scheduling, analytics, and reporting, enabled Dr. Hall’s practice to operate more efficiently, ultimately improving their bottom line.

Dr. Drew Hall’s practice at Sarasota Upper Cervical serves as a prime example of how DPC can streamline practice management and enhance patient communication. By leveraging our EHR system’s key features, Dr. Hall and his team were able to focus on providing exceptional care and improving patient satisfaction.

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