DPC Case Study: Dr. Rusty Lavender’s Clinic

Optimizing Billing and Insurance Processes at Chiropractor Sarasota Florida

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Dr. Rusty Lavender operates Chiropractor Sarasota Florida, a clinic that focuses on providing comprehensive chiropractic care to promote overall wellness. Dr. Lavender was searching for an EHR system that would help his clinic optimize billing and insurance processes while improving revenue management. By adopting DPC EHR, Dr. Lavender’s clinic experienced significant enhancements in their billing procedures, leading to increased revenue and efficiency.

Key Features

Billing & Insurance

DPC EHR’s billing and insurance features streamlined the billing process for Dr. Lavender’s clinic. The platform allowed them to efficiently generate invoices, process insurance claims, and track payments.

Custom Reports

The custom reports feature in DPC EHR provided Dr. Lavender’s clinic with detailed financial insights, enabling them to better understand their revenue cycle and identify areas for improvement.


DPC EHR’s telemedicine feature allowed Dr. Lavender’s clinic to provide remote consultations and care for patients who couldn’t visit the clinic in person. This feature helped expand the clinic’s reach and improve patient access to care.


After implementing DPC EHR Dr. Lavender’s clinic achieved several notable outcomes

Reduced Claim Denials

The billing and insurance features in DPC EHR led to a significant reduction in claim denials, allowing the clinic to capture more revenue.

Increased Cash Flow

With the streamlined billing process and efficient payment tracking, Dr. Lavender’s clinic experienced improved cash flow and overall financial management.

Enhanced Patient Access

The telemedicine feature in DPC EHR enabled Dr. Lavender’s clinic to reach more patients, providing access to care even for those who couldn’t visit the clinic in person.

Dr. Rusty Lavender’s clinic serves as an example of how DPC EHR can help healthcare providers optimize their billing and insurance processes, leading to improved revenue management and patient access to care. By leveraging the EHR system’s key features, Dr. Lavender’s clinic was able to enhance their financial performance while continuing to provide exceptional patient care.

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