5 Signs that You Need to Use Chiropractic Software

5 Signs that You Need to Use Chiropractic Software

The work of a chiropractor can bring lots of satisfaction, both professional and financial. However, this is true if you are working efficiently and managing your time correctly. In reality, you spend many business hours not with your patients, but with office tasks. They cannot be avoided, it’s true. But they are chipping away at the time you bill your patients. At the end of the month, your revenues are markedly lower than the ones you expected. And this is just one of the signs that your practice needs chiropractic software.

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

This is the motto of any successful businessperson, no matter what field they operate in. As an independent chiropractor, you are both a medical professional and an entrepreneur. Thus, you must be able to identify the signs that your business is not as successful as it should. In this article, we will point out to you five of the most worrying signs that you are not operating at optimal capacity and how to fix these issues with Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software.

1. A Scattered Daily Schedule

You see a patient at 10 am then you have a 45 minutes break until the next patient at 12:15. You can take a long lunch because the next patient will arrive at 2:45 pm. And your busiest schedule is in the late afternoon and evening. This is not a productive schedule. You have more than two hours with no (billable) activity. With Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software, you have a clear view of your schedule for days ahead on your computer or mobile phone. You can easily suggest rescheduled appointments and your patients receive the update in real-time. In the simple patient end interface, they can confirm the new appointment, cancel or find another available slot in your schedule.

2. Too Much Paperwork

Medical records are confidential and must be kept accurate and up to date. This means a lot of work for you and your staff. First, you need to find a safe and secure place to keep the records. Then, you need to spend time writing progress reports after each appointment with a patient. Finally, your secretary has to spend time looking for the patient file every time before any treatment session. Using the chiropractic software developed by Digital Patient Chart frees up all the time spent with paperwork. All the patient files are kept as EHR (electronic health records) in secure cloud storage, where you can assign the members of your staff who have the right to access them. Also, you can easily find any file you need and bring in on your computer screen before every treatment session.

3. You Lose Touch with Patients

Do you have a hard time retaining patients? They come for a few sessions and then stop showing up. You may be surprised to know that they do not leave your practice because they are unsatisfied with your treatments. Most patients feel that you are not doing enough to communicate with them. Thus, they do not feel valued and appreciated. With Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software, your communication problems are over. First of all, you can easily create an engaging newsletter for your patients. Here, you can share individual updates to their treatment or useful links such as a list of exercises they can do at home to improve their health.

4. Your Staff Is Not Fully Trained

You have to remind your secretary or nurse about the policies and procedures you use in your practice. This takes up your time and looks unprofessional in the patients’ eyes. For this reason, some of them stop showing up for future appointments. Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software helps you train your new hires faster using a special section where they learn how to work with the computer program and comply with your internal rules. They can do their training at their own convenience and you can rely on their professionalism and high-quality service to patients.

5. You Are Too Busy to Continue Training

Every professional knows that learning and training never stops. There is always a new discovery and a new set of best practices that you should know of and use in your work. But you simply don’t have the time to search for the latest news in the chiropractic profession. With the chiropractic software developed by Digital Patient Chart, you have a powerful AI assistant at your service. The AI embedded in the software will do the search for you and select the most relevant links and articles for your work.

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