A New Approach to Patient Orientation Classes Can do More Than You Think

Our latest feature to allow hosting online patient orientation classes can do so much more! Learn the benefits of having online patient orientation classes, especially during a pandemic, and other ways of getting creative with them!

Online patient orientation classes are not only convenient for you and your patients, but this feature can be used towards improving your office's reach to attracting new potential patients and providing even more value to current ones. Classes can be accessed through the patient portal and potential patients who view your site can easily see your current online class calendar that updates automatically when you add a new one or update a current one.

Anyone who looks over your site who is interested in a patient orientation class you will be hosting can sign-up! So what else can you use this feature for?


Provide Targeted Webinar Classes

Thanks to the data Digital Patient Chart collects for your office, you have easy access to obtaining a thorough understanding of your patients. Let's use this as an example: you have a high rate of women patients around the age of 35-40 who suffer from migraines and have seen an improvement within your services. This bit of information can be an inspiration for your next online webinar you can advertise to women between the ages of 35-40 around your location.

This gathered data helps you take the guesswork out of your next campaign and allows you to structure your social media ads around the type of patients you attract in your area. Use these targeted webinar classes to teach them about migraines, share patient experiences, and allow viewers to ask questions you can answer live.


Introduce Other Services

Have a nutritionist or massage therapist who works at your practice? Give them the ability to introduce themselves and their services and how what they do can help them. Educating potential patients is the number one way of attracting them. Sometimes it takes a little understanding and showing proof to help them see the importance of their service.

Ask your patients if they would love to share their personal stories or before and after photos to back the services you provide. Go over the most common myths and trending habits that could be beneficial to their health – or work against it.


Host a Community Session and Collaborate

Want to do something special for your patients? Host a small session that creates interaction. Have a live introductory yoga session, share your favorite at-home exercises that support spine health, or get them ready for the season by sharing simple healthy recipes for the summer.

Not a guru when it comes to yoga or simple healthy recipes? Collaborate with a local guru and have them make a guest appearance - this would make a nice surprise for your patients!

In addition, collaborating with others in your area can help increase exposure for both of you and establish valuable connections for more future opportunities.


Exclusive Offers

No matter what type of online event you host, encourage your viewers to take action by having exclusive offers available for those who attended. In collaborations, your guest might love to send your audience an offer as well – providing even more value to your patients.


Give More Than You Ask For

When it comes to any type of online class, it is important to have them revolve around giving your patients, or potential patients, value. If you are not comfortable “selling” at the end of an online class, Digital Patient Chart gathers the emails of everyone who has signed up so you may send out an email blast thanking them for attending and attaching an offer to the email instead.


This new feature is a unique way to extend value to your patients on a more personal level. Get creative with what you share and have fun with it!