A Quick Guide of SEO for Chiropractors

You may have heard about SEO here and there on the internet. The acronym stands for search engine optimization.

It means implementing a series of tools and actions that will put your website on the first page of Google results for searches related to your field of activity. In this article, we will help you understand the basic concepts of SEO for chiropractors and how the Digital Patient Chart software suite can help you run an effective SEO strategy.


Finding New Patients with SEO for Chiropractors

First of all, why is SEO so important for your practice? Must you really spend more of your non-existent time with it? If you are looking for new patients, then you must run an SEO strategy for the chiropractic office.

If you do not have a consistent budget for online advertising (pay-per-click ads, banner ads on various websites, or social media ads) you have to focus on ways to make your website easier to find by users performing Google searches.


The Anatomy of SEO

Here is how SEO works. A person goes to Google and searches for “chiropractor near me” or “top-rated chiropractic practices in X city”. They will get a few pages of search results.

Usually, a user will click on a few links on the first page of results. Only in exceptional circumstances, when they are looking for something specific, will users go to the second page of search results.

So how do these websites appear on the first page of results? The answer is SEO. These websites are optimized so that Google picks them as the most relevant results to a search query. This is a complex activity, which we made simple for you with our chiropractic software. Now we will explain some of the basic concepts of SEO and how the Digital Patient Chart software suite helps you achieve them.


1. Keyword Optimization

The core of SEO is the keyword. A keyword represents a term used by the majority of users to find a specific product, service, or business. For instance, in your line of business “chiropractor” and “chiropractic” are the main keywords.

Keywords should be present in sufficient density all over your website, especially in:

  • Page URL
  • Content (the text on the web pages)
  • Titles and headers
  • ALT tags for images on your website
  • The meta description for each page.

The Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software helps you optimize all these aspects of your website, with minimal input from you.


2. Local Search Optimization

SEO for chiropractors is not just about getting found online. It also means being found by people who are likely to become your patients, who live close to your practice. The concept of local search optimization means adding location names to your main keywords so that people looking for “chiropractic near me” will see your website on the first page of Google results. Using the chiropractic software helps you optimize your website for local search with the most frequently used search terms and location tags.


3. Robots.txt Optimization

Robots.txt is a part of any website that gives instructions to Google bots to crawl it (go through the entire website) and index it for future finding. In many cases, websites with great keyword optimization do not get found on Google searches because the robots.txt element is not properly defined. Our chiropractic software is built to help you with the strategy for SEO for chiropractors by optimizing this crucial element of your website.


4. Duplicate Content Analysis

Google does not like duplicate content, because it does not provide useful and new information for users. SEO for chiropractors is effective if every page of your website contains original content.

The chiropractic software will analyze your website and will indicate any web pages with duplicate content so that you can make the right decision: delete the page or replace the content.

Find out more about the ways Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software helps you run your SEO for chiropractors here: https://digitalpatientchart.com/seo!