Access Your Chiropractic Office Anytime, Anywhere

We are not stuck in our work location 24/7, nor should we ever be. It is time to find software that will respect that. Digital Patient Chart allows you to access your information on any device (computer, phone, tablet) at any time, anywhere so you can check on things while you are away.

One of the most common concerns about Chiropractic software for the office was the installation process and the inability to have it work off location. We heard this concern loud and clear and are happy to say there is no installation process required – and all information is backed up on a Cloud that is accessible for you to access wherever you may be.

Keep in touch with your patients, look over the office schedule, and contact your team through the software without having to call or email to check up. Access your overview to see how your entire office is doing for the day with data that is updated in real-time.

This gives you peace of mind and makes it easier to stay in touch with what is going on as it happens.

Another concern was lag. Now that you could have access to your office off location, what about lag?

Lagging software is not only irritating by interrupting your workflow, but it can cost you a lot of time when you want to do something quick and simple. We believe in keeping the system simple and free from “bells and whistles” that you may never use. We do not overcrowd the windows with useless information that will not do anything to help grow your practice or fill it with heavy designs that require long loading times. Overcrowded windows with useless information do not only affect the loading times of a system, but it can make it difficult to focus. To help you and your team stay focused, we keep the information presented simple and clean.

The easy and sleek design of Digital Patient Chart’s interface makes everything quick to find and free from lag due to its minimalism.

It is important for Chiropractors to stay involved with their office’s performance by being able to access it at-hand and we know it can be very stressful if you are not able to oversee it, have it fail, or react slowly when you are elsewhere.

And, it doesn’t stop there! There are plenty of other things you are able to do with Digital Patient Chart while you are outside the office so you can continue to run things smoothly:


Hold Meetings

Need to have a team meeting while you are away? No problem! You are free to hold meetings with your team without you or them downloading any other app to get started!

Share your screen, interact with the chatbox, use video, or chat on the mic.

This is a great way to keep having those routine meetings with your team without everyone having to be in the same place.


Chat with your Team

You can still send messages to your team through the system so they will receive a pop-up on the device they are using the software on. This allows everyone to speak to you when needed without having to access their phones.


Host Webinars

You can host webinars for your patients no matter where you are! For your patients or potential patients, to join in on your webinar – there is no need for them to download anything. They can watch your webinar straight from the link provided in their email and you will be able to host the webinar through Digital Patient Chart on any device you choose.


Oversee Team Actions Log

Was there an accident that may have occurred in your absence? In Digital Patient Chart’s log, you may be able to find what happened and help correct it without being there to witness what might have happened.

Was there an error in charging a patient the wrong amount? You can oversee the history in how they were charged and correct it through the system. Any changes made will be displayed in the history as well in case it was already fixed.


Check Campaign Performance

Sometimes we don’t get to see how well a campaign is doing unless we are there noticing the results or when we have a meeting with someone who is running the campaign for us.

In your overview, you can check to see the performance of any campaigns you may have going on. Change email campaigns, or ask them to be changed, on the fly without waiting until you return. You can also edit your automated emails through any device if you want to make any quick changes – no need to go on other websites or download other apps to do so.


Be Away Stress-Free

Being able to oversee your office performance and make any changes needed quickly without having to be in the office is a huge stress reliever. Digital Patient Chart still gives you a lot of control while you are away to ensure everything keeps running as it should. Stay connected with your team and patients, access your office’s live performance, and manage current campaigns all in one place.