Bridging Distances with Your Chiropractic Software New Facility: Video Conferencing

Physical distancing is what we must do to curb the COVID pandemic spread. But for many professionals, like chiropractors, working from home is not possible. You need access to your facility, face-to-face discussions with your staff, and direct contact with patients. However, Digital Patient Chart has found a way to allow remote work for chiropractic teams: video conferencing.

No, we do not mean using Zoom, Skype, or other unsecured video software suites. We created and embedded the video conferencing feature into the chiropractic software you use to manage your practice. We realized that we need to offer you the possibility to cover any situation, including the one when you or several of your staff need to self-isolate at home.


How Secure Is the Video Conferencing Tool?

Patient confidentiality is certainly your number one worry when you consider organizing remote discussions by video call. The HIPAA regulations apply to any kind of communications concerning patients. And data leaks can come from video messaging platforms just as easily as from emails.

However, you will not be accessing a third-party video conferencing tool. The facility is built into the chiropractic software. And, as you may know, our software meets the highest data security standards demanded by US federal and state authorities. Thus, you can rest assured that your video calls or webinars will be just as safe as the patient files you already store in the software suite.


What Can You Do with the Chiropractic Software Video Conferencing Tool?

At the present, you can do two things in the video conferencing facility:

  • Organize video calls with your staff
  • Set-up webinars and allow your patients to register in order to attend them.

We believe these two facilities are most useful these days, for the following reasons:


1. Business Must Go On in Various Circumstances

What happens if you or another chiropractor in your staff needs to self-isolate? Their patients will be allocated to the rest of the staff. However, you need to exchange information with their current chiropractor, from the specifics of the treatment plan to various preferences the patient has, other underlying conditions, etc.

A telephone call is not enough to exchange so much information. You also need to see the other person, share charts, documents, and anything you find relevant for the respective patient.


2. Remote Staff Meetings Are Safer

Even if your entire staff is healthy, you should take all the extra precautions you can. Face-to-face meetings should be limited as much as possible. With the videoconferencing tools embedded in the chiropractic software, you can organize your regular staff meetings online.

This will also be more convenient for your staff, as they will be able to share documents from their own computer and continue their background tasks without being interrupted by the meeting.


3. You Can Educate Your Patients in an Efficient Manner

Webinars are great for patient education and engagement. Instead of reading a blog post (which they may not properly understand), they watch you giving explanations. In the video presentations, you can use charts, drawings, photos, and videos – or any other helpful material that makes the explanation more obvious.

At the same time, the attendants will be able to ask questions and receive the explanation they need. Webinars are known as very effective marketing tools, with a high conversion rate. You can end your webinar with a special offer for anyone signing up for treatment sessions on the spot, or offer a free demonstration of a common treatment practice.


Future Developments

In the next few months, we will add a new feature to the video conferencing tool. It will allow patients to schedule video calls with the chiropractor and discuss their treatment plan or receive emergency advice.

This will be most helpful for patients who must self-isolate in the middle of their treatment plan. You can advise them on how to prevent accidents or types of exercises they can do at home so that their condition does not deteriorate for lack of treatment.


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