Build Stronger Connections with Your Patients

Stop limiting the office experience! Expand and allow your patients to become part of it even more!

When it comes to running your own chiropractic office, connections with your patients matter. Building strong connections with your patients enables them to have trust in you and create a foundation of loyalty to your office. With this loyalty, patients often keep you top of mind and refer people more often to your practice.

To help build stronger connections with your patients, Digital Patient Chart has innovated ways to strengthen your bonds with your patients and to expand their experience. Most of the patient’s office experience ends by the time they leave your office, but with our system it does not have to.

Our service provides many benefits to your patients and your office (or offices), but it also takes the connection between you and your patient to an even higher level with their own personal accounts and patient card. Most companies offer loyalty cards, membership accounts, or company credit cards to make the same established connection, but how are personal accounts and patient cards effective?


They Feel Part of the Experience

Instead of you giving them a great office experience, having their own account makes them feel they play a part in it. By having access to their own information and the ability to create email referrals through their account, you will have a stronger connection between them and your office. Every time a patient logs into their account they will feel that bond with your office without having to be there.

Giving them a role, even as little as having their own patient upcoming and previous appointment overviews, will give your patient comfort and trust towards your office as you allow them to view their progress at any time.


Individual Recognition

Personal patient cards create a sense of individual recognition and make great take-aways from your office as well instead of them holding onto a business card to remember you by. A personal patient card is a physical, established connection made between them and your brand.

Not only does it help them remember your office, but it helps them remember the actual connection made. Your patients, by having their own card, will feel more important and more connected than someone who walks in regularly; this is because some patients will still feel they are just there for the service and freely walk in and out without establishing any connection. Personal patient cards play a part in taking down those walls built up from the patient.


Patient Appreciation

Let your patients know they are appreciated and are being heard. With their own account, they can access their appointments and make any necessary changes they need when life happens and they are unable to make it. Not everyone is able to make a quick call or create a new email, however, they will always have access to their account.

Tracking their referrals on their account will allow them to see every referral they make will be counted whether the person they referred has mentioned them or not. They will see your office is dedicated to making sure you realize their efforts and, based on their number of referrals, you can give thanks by rewarding them.


Increase Reach

As personal patient cards track referrals for the patient, you can send them messages to their account or email about special offers available after reaching a referral threshold. This grants you the ability to reach more potential patients who may need your services and reward them accordingly.

With a physical personal patient card at hand, a patient can recommend someone to your office and show them what their card looks like. When a potential patient, unfamiliar with your office, sees that you have a dedication to your patients to the point where they have their own personal cards, it can increase their desire to become part of it.


Remember Promises

What we mean by “remember promises” is sometimes you may say things to a patient you forget to do. Such as “your visit comes with free x-rays!” or “let me credit you this much toward your next appointment”. Personal patient cards update in real time. This means, as soon as you enter something under their profile, they can see it as soon as you are done entering it.

This is also true for patients who used your services during a specific promotion time. Or maybe they attended a patient orientation class and brought a friend, which qualified them for a reward. Our system realizes when a patient walks into your office automatically, and if your patient orientation classes are at the office during after hours, the system will let you know which patients were there without them signing in and it will automatically update their patient accounts with the promised reward using customized settings.


Still Establishing Connections by Remaining Secure

Security is important. All personal patient cards and accounts are protected and locked. Only the patient with their own code can access their information. This allows the patient to freely overview where they stand while feeling secure. All information is stored safely while being HIPAA compliant and our security is updated consistently in real time. As changes in technology happen, security is constantly strengthened even further.

Establishing stronger connections should not make any information shared between the office and patient less secure. No more private mail that gets mixed up and sent to the wrong location or emails that are sent to the wrong email address because of a small typo. Your patient’s code is unique to them and can only connect to the patient who personally set up their account with you in your office.