Chiropractic Software: Your Partner for Improved Productivity

There are many reasons to use chiropractic software, but did you know that it can help you work more productively and, ultimately, grow your profit? As the mantra taught by many business coaches states, you need to work smarter, not harder.

But what does this really mean for you? And how can chiropractic software help? In this article, we will share some of the most important areas of your daily activity that can be improved by using Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software.


Are You a Chiropractor or an Office Administrator?

The truth is that you are spending a lot of your business hours dealing with various secretarial and administrative tasks. They are necessary, of course. But it is not necessary that you perform them. Chiropractor software can perform these tasks faster and more accurately.

Here are some effective ways to improve productivity with Digital Patient Chart:


1. Schedule Ongoing Treatments with a Few Clicks

One of the most time-consuming tasks for chiropractors is setting up the schedule for patients that need ongoing treatment. The old way of doing things meant adding each new session manually every week and confirming with the patient.

With chiropractic software, you can agree on the best days and hours with the patient at the beginning of the treatment and then schedule all the appointments for weeks ahead. This process takes only a few minutes.


2. Office Communication

Even with a small staff, office communication can be a hassle. You need to get up from your desk and tell your secretary to change an appointment, or to instruct the nurse to prepare the treatment area for a new patient.

The Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software offers you an internal chat facility to communicate with your employees. Without leaving your desk, you can send all the instructions you need to your staff. As the chat remains open while you treat your patients, at the end of the session you can check the answers and confirm the next appointment for each patient.


3. Update Patient Records

Your patient records must be up to date, accurate, and HIPAA compliant. This takes a lot of work. First, you have to find the file and this can take time. Next, you have to input the information and make sure that you save the file in a secure folder, where it cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.

Chiropractic software guarantees that your records are HIPAA compliant and stored securely. Moreover, each patient file is easy to locate, update and save. Anytime your practice receives an audit or inspection, you can rest assured that your patient records are in order.


4. Get in Touch with Your Patients

How many times did you manage to contact a patient as soon as you needed to notify them of a rescheduled appointment? Sometimes, they don’t answer the phone. Other times, they are in traffic and cannot talk to you.

With Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software, you can contact your patients directly from the application. You will be notified when the patient saw the message. On the other hand, the patient can confirm the new appointment, or suggest a different time and hour.


5. Conduct Your Email Marketing Strategy

Your practice needs a steady flow of patients to stay profitable. And one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of getting new patients is email marketing. If you don’t want to pay a marketing agency to do it for you, then you must spend time preparing and sending newsletters and offers.

Chiropractic software automates most of this activity and helps you run an effective digital marketing strategy without wasting valuable time.

Digital Patient Chart is the only chiropractic software developed for the specific needs of practitioners like you. Our clients have reported a 50% increase in their productivity after installing it. What are you waiting for?s