Chiropractors Quiz: Are You Working ON Your Practice or IN Your Practice

There is a big difference between working for your business and working in your business. An entrepreneur who works on their business has a clear plan to grow it and make it more profitable. A business owner who works in their business is simply laboring to keep it afloat and make barely enough profit to pay their bills.

Yet, too many entrepreneurs are working in their company and not in their company. It is not easy to notice the difference when you are starting out and are a one-man-show. You answer the phone, you perform treatments, you sign in your patients and you keep the files.


Is Your Chiropractic Business Ready for More?

However, there comes a time when you should focus exclusively on your patients and treatment courses. You should spend your working hours doing what you do best, that is, chiropractic sessions, not administrative and secretarial work.

For Digital Patient Chart, it is important to show chiropractors how to make their practice more profitable and their work simpler and more efficient. We created the chiropractic software Digital Patient Chart in order to free up your daily schedule and allow you to take in more patients.

If you wonder whether you actually need chiropractic software, we prepared a simple quiz for you. It is designed to tell you whether you are working on your chiropractic business or in it. All you have to do is answer YES or NO to the questions below:


1. Are You Making Appointments Manually?

Do you keep an excel sheet where you transcribe appointments from your email, from phone messages, or from the backend of your website? Did you ever make a mistake, such as double booking the same time slot for two patients or forgetting an appointment made days ago?

Working with Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software removes the need to write down a single appointment. Your daily calendar is automatically updated as soon as a patient makes an appointment, or cancels/reschedules it.


2. Do You Need to Micromanage Your Staff?

Is your work frequently interrupted by your secretary or your nurse with questions? Do you need to tell them every time where to find a file, how to process a new patient, and why they cannot access a specific type of patient information?

Digital Patient Chart believes that a chiropractor needs to be a professional who treats people, not a boss showing everyone what they have to do. In Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software, you can upload the general employee handbook for your employees, including the specific procedures and job duties for each role. Also, by assigning user roles, your employees will only have access to the information they need.


3. Do You Fall Behind with Your Marketing Activities?

You know the importance of marketing to find new patients, but you are not very good at it. Plus, you do not have the time to design email newsletter templates, find curated content and create your own marketing content.

Chiropractors who use Digital Patient Chart have access to customizable email templates and relevant curated content selected by the AI embedded in the chiropractic software. They are never behind with marketing because the hard part of the work is already done by the specialists at Digital Patient Chart.


4. Do You Worry about HIPAA Compliance?

Are you permanently looking at the way you keep patient files, wondering whether an audit would identify a HIPAA violation? Do you spend a lot of time looking for potential vulnerabilities and for solutions to this crucial problem?

Chances are your chiropractic business may be in violation of HIPAA. Even large hospitals and clinics fall victim to this issue. However, Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software gives you the assurance that your EHR is kept according to the rules and regulations governing patient data confidentiality.


5. Does Your Practice Stagnate?

Despite your best efforts, you just can’t manage to leap over the current income threshold. You cannot onboard too many new patients. You tried obtaining referrals, but with little success. And your patients’ loyalty is not what you envision it to be.

Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software is a great tool not just for you, the practitioner, but also for your patients. They can manage their appointments at their convenience, chat with you when they have a question, and enjoy receiving your educational and informative emails.

If all or most of your answers are YES, then you need Digital Patient Chart – the chiropractic software developed for practitioners like you! Find out more on!