Digital Patient Chart: Minimizing Touch Points in Chiropractic Offices During a Pandemic

In any type of office, there are various hot spots patients often touch that can easily make patients feel uncomfortable during a pandemic and it can be a little challenging to make an office feel as safe as possible for those who worry about their exposure. While electronic filing and automation will save time and money, such a system can also give patients peace of mind when visiting your office during a pandemic by reducing their amount of contact.

Digital Patient Chart is software for your chiropractic office that allows your patients the freedom to prepare for their office visit before stepping inside and gives you a way of tracking their in-office experience. Due to the nature of the software, it naturally reduces the amount of contact during a visit.


Be Aware of When Patients Enter Your Practice

No need for manual check-ins with Digital Patient Chart’s scan feature. This feature reduces lines and allows your patients to walk-in right away and sit in the waiting room. As soon as your patient walks in, you will be notified immediately and can have an overview of when they arrived and how long they have waited so far.

Patients who have questions for your front desk no longer have to clutter together with those who are trying to check-in and your patients who need to check-in do not have to worry about being delayed while waiting in line.

While this greatly improves your overall patient experience, it also plays a positive role during the pandemic by minimizing the number of people grouped in a single area.


Home-Friendly Online Forms

Patients who are new to your practice have a choice to fill out their new patient forms electronically at home through their patient portal. Not only do physical forms have a chance of delaying or taking up more time during their office visit, but they often share pens or clipboards with other patients.

Digital Patient Chart connects your office to its own unique patient portal in which any forms you create can be sent to and filled out by your patients. All it takes is for you to use pre-made, chiropractic office standard forms or create your very own to have them sent out to your patients automatically. You can even customize which forms your patients should fill out if they have certain conditions.

Electronic forms can be filled out by your patients through their phone, tablet, or computer. After their form is completed, they can sign and submit – with the system updating their information and forms in real-time.


Goodbye to Physical Office Filing

After a patient fills out their electronic forms through their patient portal your office can see their information as soon as it is completed by the patient. Your office team can access all patient information through any office tablet or computer, giving you the ability to look up a patient quickly and seamlessly to oversee their forms.

When a patient walks in for their appointment, your calendar will notify you of your patient’s appointment that day making it easy for you to click and view the patient without having to search. When a patient is ready to see the chiropractor, the secretary no longer has to collect and take the patient folder to the room. Instead, the chiropractor can click on their patient’s appointment using their own office device to see their updated information.

Electronic filing reduces the amount of time it takes to collect the patient’s information and prepare it for their upcoming appointment. During a pandemic, it can make a patient feel safer knowing they can do it safely at home without extending their visit time.


Offer Peace of Mind During the Pandemic

Patients, apart from themselves, have their own family and loved ones to look out for and will do what they believe is safe to protect them, but they are still in need of chiropractic services to make sure their immune system is at its best - especially during this time. Put your patients first by offering them peace of mind during a crisis by limiting the number of touch spots and reduce crowding the front desk areas.

While Digital Patient Chart offers many benefits to help streamline your office and boost your success, our devices used alongside this ground-breaking software can help you take on the concerns a pandemic brings to your patients.


Digital Patient Chart is software that adapts to your office’s unique habits. Because of this, it is customized and changes the way it works to best fit what your office needs. Your office will change the way it performs over time and trends are never a constant. Digital Patient Chart knows this and will change alongside you.

To learn more about Digital Patient Chart and how it can work with your office, contact us today! We would love to learn more about your practice and how your unique needs can be met.