Digital Patient Chart: Why a Small Team Makes a Big Difference!

Behind Digital Patient Chart is a small team dedicated to delivering the best system available for chiropractors that will adapt to their office habits and style. Read on to see why having a small team behind your system can make a huge difference!


Why Keep a Small Team for Digital Patient Chart?

Keeping a small team allows us to be flexible, coordinated, focused, and put out better content faster. We do not need to rely on any third party and are able to make new additions to our software in less than 24 hours. Since the coders of Digital Patient Chart belong on our team and no outside source, we do not encounter limitations on what we can do!

A small team also means we have better communication and are easy to reach for when you need us. Have an idea for a new feature you would love to see? There is no wait for being redirected to someone else or a live person to listen – we are right here for you!


Ringelmann Effect and Social Loafing

A group that grows too large in size usually has less coordination and can become less efficient. Many challenges arise from having too big of a team.

When team sizes increase, efforts from each person on the team begin to diminish, known as the Ringelmann Effect. Following Maximilien Ringelmann’s experiment, Alan Ingham recreated the experiment in the 1970s and saw that an increase in team size brought about social loafing – where members of the larger team began reducing their efforts as they felt less responsible for the output. This did not only occur in larger teams, but even for those who believed they were a part of a larger team.

Have you ever had a class project where one member did “enough to get by”, pretended, or made no effort? This same trend happens all the time in larger teams because members begin to feel less responsible for the output. This behavior can be quite damaging on a large team, as the team now risks losing their best performers who are affected by this problem.

We believe the quality for the price is important as well and based upon studies from QSM, even projects by large teams that were finished quicker than smaller teams had twice the defects and three times the cost – which raises their price of services. Digital Patient Chart stays at a fair price thanks to keeping a small team who know the makeup of the software and can focus on each part to make sure you receive top quality.


Faster Output

Small teams allow great communication and more coordination. It is easier to get together and know what needs to be done than trying to gather the attention of a larger group to stay focused. Teams that are smaller are able to finish projects with better results making delivery faster as fewer corrections need to be made.

This is a big deal for chiropractic offices as the system they rely on needs to be consistent and frequently updated so their practice can stay at optimal performance. New innovations help chiropractors overcome obstacles and allow their practice to continue seeing growth. As a small team, we constantly brainstorm with each other and take in all feedback we are given.


Quality of Support

Large teams can get a bit lost and communication with those who know the solution can become hard to come by and take a few days for an outcome. Not to mention, the outcome will most likely be less than ideal.

It is pretty common to be on hold for a lengthy amount of time to be transferred or be rushed to a less than ideal solution to a problem. No matter who you speak to on our team, we know what Digital Patient Chart is capable of and each has the power of making a difference for you. Since your feedback is what makes Digital Patient Chart the best chiropractic software available, we take pride in listening and understanding any concerns you may have.

Having a small team does not mean we are less available either. We are easy to reach through phone, email, and online messaging! Feel free to contact us at any time!


Our Team Allows Digital Patient Chart to Adapt Quickly

An important thing to remember is your needs will change over time. What obstacles you face currently will not always be there and new ones will arise as you experience growth. Digital Patient Chart is able to adapt quickly with what your office needs when it needs it. As stated earlier, each member of our team can make a difference in the software for you.

Your needs shape Digital Patient Chart and when new challenges arise it is important that the software you have continues to adapt and support them. If there is not a feature available that you need, we have the power to make that change for you as we are not limited by a third party. This alone saves you time and money as new features you would like to see in Digital Patient Chart come at no extra cost to you. We are simply dedicated to grow alongside you and know your feedback is what makes Digital Patient Chart the best it can be.


See The Difference

Want to see firsthand what a difference our small team can do? Contact us today to receive a 30-day free trial of Digital Patient Chart and unleash your practice’s potential!