Do You Own Your Marketing Data?

This is an important question every business owner should answer. When practices hire on a marketer or marketing team, the marketer(s) collect and leave along with them. It is prevalent for a marketer to be brought into a business, collect data, and if the marketer leaves your business, all data they have gathered for you are gone too.

This hurts your practice in two ways: 1. You pay for the marketing but do not keep records of the data collected and 2. When you bring about a new marketer or marketing team, they will have to start from scratch in collecting new data for you. Collecting new data and starting over can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to figure out your market enough to make effective marketing decisions.

Digital Patient Chart helps you collect your own data, and with this, it will be accessible to whomever you permit to see it: marketing persons and teams.


What Does This Marketing Data Do For You?

Collecting data on your patients’ behavior and habits are very beneficial to you and your practice. In fact, it plays a significant part in the success of your practice. Many practices fail because of a lack of marketing or poor marketing performance. For marketing to be effective, you must know enough about your current patients and the type of people your office attracts. From this, you can have a stronger focus on your marketing that allows you to pinpoint your ideal patients.

Collecting your own marketing data can:

  • Improve the Efficiency of your Marketing
    Not only focus on the right audience but convey the right message to them at the right time. Timing is everything but relies on you to know who your ideal audience is. Marketing data helps you describe your “ideal patient” and lets you better understand when to convey your message to them.
  • Improve Patient Loyalty
    Research has shown that 52% of customers have a high chance of switching brands if they make little to no effort to personalize their experience. Your marketing data helps you know each patient better and will let you see which patients are your most loyal ones. Improve their loyalty by customizing emails showing your appreciation or info that they find beneficial.
  • Measure Your Emails
    Are your emails “spammy,” or are they actually providing information your patients find interesting or useful? Digital Patient Chart measures your email open rates, which links within the emails are clicked on, and how many are never opened. Find out your read/unread ratio and if your calls to action are working. Measuring this data helps you adjust your emailing strategies accordingly, so they become more effective.
  • Predict Patient Behavior
    Once you have enough data collected, you can spot trends in the behavior of your patients. Use this data to retain your patients and increase the number of leads for potential patients.
  • Know What to Change
    Many businesses fail because of their inability to adapt to changing times. Collecting your own marketing data will help you spot changes over time. Is your audience focusing on a different health trend? Are most of your patients using a different type of social media?

    To be successful, your practice needs to know how to adapt and stay relevant. Adjust your marketing strategies to complement your ideal patients most time and what they currently care most about.


To be successful and stay successful, your practice needs to collect data. Your practice must be able to access and collect its own protected and accurate data. Digital Patient Chart not only shows you accurate data in real-time but protects your data as well. Set up permissions to add a person or a team that can use your collected data to form up strategies for your practice quicker and more precisely as it measures your practice’s inside and outside performance.

See what Digital Patient Chart can do for your practice by contacting us today for a 30-day free trial!