Efficiency = Profit

Are you being efficient or just staying busy?

It is no mystery the amount of profit is dependent on efficiency. When it comes to services you provide, efficiency is measured a little differently than those who sell products. But how can we know if what we are doing is efficient?


Patient Satisfaction

Nothing can tell you how efficient you are better than the patients you help. Understand your patients’ needs, how fast you reacted, and how they feel after the service you provide. Include short surveys in their follow-up emails for them or ask them to leave a review on your office’s Facebook page. No matter if the review is positive or negative, always respond with appreciation for their time.

If you are using a survey instead, make sure you leave a thoughtful message at the end of the survey.

Depending on their review, you can take note of how their experience is broken down. Understand, if they are upset, what else was happening in the office at that time? Could the availability of another team member have helped this situation? How could it have been avoided?

Truth be told, not all complaints can be solved, but there are two takeaways to keep in mind: One, it is always important that even if the situation could not have been avoided the patient should still have a responsibility to know they are being listened to. And two, we can measure the number of complaints and compare it with your other ratings to see if you remain efficient throughout the day or if you can spot an undesirable trend.


Average Response Time

In a fast-paced world, patients want quick responses to their needs. Patients who are new and possibly filled an appointment slot using an online form should be able to hear a confirmation shortly after indicating that their appointment was received and you are there for them if they have any questions.

Our system allows you to fully customize your emails and put them on autopilot. Thank them for signing up, send them a welcoming statement, and show them you’re knowledgeable in your field and they chose the right office by linking them back to your Frequently Asked Questions or a link to what they can expect. Make sure these link to your website and not some outside source.

Share your office hours and contact information, let them know your office is there to listen to their questions and respond (keep in mind, linking them to Frequently Asked Questions will help you stay ahead of patient inquiries).

Having a quick response time makes your patients feel important. And, according to CMO Council, the most important attribute of good customer service is a fast response time!


Social Media

Yes, we can tell a lot from social media! Based on interaction, posts, and response times you can tell a lot about a brand. Make sure you are consistent with your posting as people need to have a way to find you and if they send you a question through messenger, be sure to respond as quickly as possible to build up an ideal response rate on your page.

You might be efficient at attending to patients within the office, but if you are not efficient in building up a presence online, you are ignoring a huge number of potential patients who are looking for a service like yours. If you see that you are not posting at all, or even once every few months, have a team member of your office help you.

In addition, are your posts helpful to your patients? Do they provide value? If you post just to post, you could be losing valuable time and effort. Make sure you provide some type of value for your patients. A part of being efficient is to understand if you are doing things that are only keeping you busy or if what you are doing is productive and helping your practice grow.


Stop Doing Too Much

We mean it! We know running a chiropractic practice is a lot of work, but do not handle more than you need to! Not all work is necessary, and rushed work is not good work. If you are handling too much, the quality of your services will begin to dwindle.

To keep up the patient satisfaction and the quality of what you do, it is important to divide up the tasks among your team members appropriately and automate as much as you can to ensure all team members are able to give your patients their all.

Customer service is what separates similar brands from each other. A patient will not always remember their experience exactly, but they will remember how they felt during it. Digital Patient Chart works to do many daily tasks and helps you customize tasks for each member of your practice. Each member can customize their alerts as well, so they will not be bombarded with notifications they don’t need.

When work is balanced amongst your staff and a system that complements their office environment, efficiency will have the ability to stay at its peak. When efficiency is up, the time used is well spent and there is less stress knowing how much time everyone has saved.


See the Difference in Efficiency with Digital Patient Chart

Digital Patient Chart measures your office habits and displays trends on your admin overview. This allows you to see what is working with the time you are using and what is holding you back. Find out what needs improvement and create goals based on real-time data our service collects personally for you.

Did you post a deal on social media? Does it look like your website traffic or practice traffic increased because of it? Digital Patient Chart will show this to you.

Want to include surveys in a follow-up email for patients to leave their thoughts and measure their patient satisfaction? Set up automated emails through our system and hear what they have to say.

Increase your response time, up to your patient satisfaction game, learn what media sources are effective in helping your business, and stop doing more than you should. Focus on your patients and growth, and leave the repetitive grunt work to Digital Patient Chart.

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