Email Marketing: Far From Dead

This small marketing technique packs a punch! Learn why email marketing is important for your office and how our system helps automate it!

Did you know email is the #1 activity on the internet and on mobile devices? I don’t know about you, but the first thing I do in the morning is checking over emails to see what’s new. According to statistics by the Emma Email Marketing Blog, the average office worker checks their email 30 times an hour! For consumers, about 61% love to receive promotional emails weekly.

Nice stats, right? But what does this mean for you?

It means if you are not on the path of using email marketing for your business, you’re missing out! Email marketing is the most used marketing strategy to help your brand as it is very cost-efficient and makes a little branding content go a long way. An email is highly significant to have, as it gives you access to stay in touch with your patient after they leave and allows you to share insight on what is happening with your brand – keeping your office “top-of-mind.”

What is “Top-of-Mind”?

“Top-of-mind” is a widely used term in marketing. This is a form of brand awareness that keeps your brand exposed to your ideal market so when they think of an industry or category, such as Chiropractic, your office will be the first thing that pops to their mind.

How can I improve or start email marketing without dedicating so much time?

You dedicate a lot of focus to your patients, we get it, and it becomes difficult to market your business without the manpower or a marketing expert. The good news is, you do not have to be a marketing expert to get results from email marketing or to set it up.

Our system, Digital Patient Chart, comes pre-loaded with an email tool you can use to set up scheduled automatic emails. You can use this feature to your advantage by coming up with your own office newsletters to be sent out each month to your current, or potential, patients. For those who are just starting out or are struggling on new content, here are some topic ideas that patients find very insightful from Chiropractic offices:

  • Share Patient Stories and Testimonial Highlights
    Put your patients in the spotlight by giving them a chance to be featured in your monthly newsletter. Sure, we may hear stories about patients experiencing unbelievable results from Chiropractors, but when they hear these stories that happen in YOUR office – it makes it all the more real to them. You may see how it helps your patients every day, but your patients do not see what you see on a daily basis. Take them behind the scenes of some of the most amazing stories and touching testimonials you have had. You could even ask your patient if they would like a photo to go with their story for your newsletter for more a personal touch.

  • Healthy Lifestyle Topics
    Give insight on how Chiropractic helps their everyday life and what it can do for their system. To expand on this, talk about various exercises or workouts they can use that will help their spinal health and pinpoint habits that could create damage: Posture, looking down on cell phones, sitting, etc.

  • New Chiropractic Studies
    Share new studies you find in your field with those who may not research it all the time. This helps them understand the significance of your field and what it can actually do for those who have experienced the services.

These topics for email marketing will not only help your office stay “top-of-mind” but place your brand in a way that lets them know your office really knows their stuff! Patient education is important, as they do not always see the reason why they should keep their spine health in check even when they feel nothing is wrong.

Email marketing does more than spread brand awareness; it puts your brand in a position you want to be seen by delivering insights on what you do on a more intimate level. It allows you to feel closer, more open to your patients and allows them to build a stronger trust factor with a brand that shows they care about not only tending to them during appointments but taking the time to educate them.

Furthermore, unlike social media, those who read emails will not be distracted by comments or posts of others. In an email, it is a private conversation between you and the other person. This allows them to take in the information you share without interference.

With our system, you can schedule emails like these in advance and set them up when you want them to be sent out to your patients. No more having to “remember” or having an alarm go off to remind you on the day of – you can plan out months and even a year in advance of what you want your emails to say and when you want them shared.

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