How Chiropractic Software Protects Patient-Doctor Confidentiality in the Digital Era

Patient-doctor confidentiality is one of the principles that apply at the global level to all professionals that offer treatments to people, including chiropractors. Over the decades, various regulatory bodies created rules and laws to enforce this principle. However, things became murky in the digital era, when documents are stored in electronic form (electronic health records – EHR) and appointments are made by email. In this article, we will show you how Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software helps you create and enforce clear and effective data protection rules in your practice.


How Big Is the Risk of Data Leaking for EHR?

Online hacking was born almost at the same time as the internet itself. While it may appear irrelevant, it is interesting to note that not all types of hacking are motivated by malicious intent or the desire to commit fraud. When it comes to EHR, hacking may be caused by pure curiosity or the temptation to prove that one person can “break” the system, as a research paper published in the American Journal of Transactional Research found. Another research, conducted by the Ponemon Institute in 2015 showed that cyberattacks on healthcare institutions increased by 125% since 2010. Now, when the largest proportion of internet traffic comes from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) the risk is even higher.


Is Your Chiropractic Office at Risk?

Unfortunately, confidential patient data can be leaked by mistake or inadvertently. It takes a busy secretary forgetting to log out on her computer in the waiting area, where patients and various other persons (couriers, delivery staff, etc.) have to access. It takes a phishing email, cleverly disguised as a message from a bonafide source, and a member of your staff will expose your entire database to unauthorized access. Thus, the answer is that any chiropractic office can fall victim to cyber-attacks.


How Does Digital Patient Chart Chiropractic Software Help You Mitigate These Risks?

Digital Patient Chart is a chiropractic software suite designed for the needs and risks of the 21st century. We know how vulnerable confidential data are to leaks and hacking and we incorporated several safety elements, such as:


1. Secure Cloud Storage

All your EHR are stored in a secure cloud facility protected by state-of-the-art antivirus and anti-hacking software. When you purchase a license for Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software, you also purchase safe storage space for all your electronic documents. The servers where your data are stored are constantly maintained and upgraded with the latest cybersecurity features.


2. Differentiated Access for Users of the Chiropractic Software

Digital Patient Chart has five different levels of data access for its users, starting with the Administrator, who has complete control. Depending on the work each member of your staff has to perform, you can assign them access to the specific part of the database that they need. Thus, no one can accidentally access sensitive data, such as a patient’s personal data or treatment scheme. At the same time, the Administrator can easily delete a user, for instance, when you terminate an employment contract and the person shouldn’t have access to any kind of data anymore.


3. Clear and Effective Onboarding for New Hires

Data leaking can occur because a new staff member has incomplete or incorrect training on security and data protection policies. With Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software, every new employee has access to complete, clear, and easy-to-understand training in using the platform and their limits of competence in using/accessing the database.


4. Secure Login for Patients

Printed papers are very vulnerable to unauthorized access. They can be easily stolen, destroyed, or photocopied. When patients need to fill in their details on a printed form when they arrive for treatment, they also waste valuable time, besides having their personal data at risk of leaking. Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software offers your patients a quick and secure login service, which they can access on their own mobile phone or tablet. At the end of the treatment session, they can easily log out of the application.

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