How Customizable is Digital Patient Chart?

A lot of products or services showcase their ability to be customizable, but a lot of times the meaning of customizable capabilities vary. Sometimes this means you can change visual structures of an application, colors, or add on additional features for an extra cost.

But what does customizable mean when we talk about Digital Patient Chart?

Digital Patient Chart is built to be completely unique for each chiropractic office. This means it does not act the same way as it does for someone else. The way your office performs and the types of patients it attracts do not match other practices across the globe – and Digital Patient Chart knows this.


Automatic Customization

The first part of being customizable is something Digital Patient Chart does on its very own: it analyzes data on your office’s performance, work habits, and patients and changes accordingly to fill in the empty spaces your practice needs. This means it will automate small redundant tasks you perform, show you what methods have been working in your office and which areas could use improvement, and allows you to better understand your patients’ needs and behaviors.


Feature Customization

Another way Digital Patient Chart is completely customizable is each member of our team can make a change for you. If there are features you wish to have that are not currently available in the software, our team can make it happen at no extra cost to you.

Since each member can make a difference for you, there is no need for you to wait hours or days to speak to “upper management” about your idea or concern. We have a very talented team behind Digital Patient Chart – we are made up of coders, SEO professionals, and marketing experts. This knowledge allows us to make any changes you desire and provide SEO and marketing features we know will provide results.


Branding Customization

For emails and campaigns you design in Digital Patient Chart, even if using the provided templates, you can change the color schemes and add your own branding elements to them. There is no Digital Patient Chart branding hidden in any link, text, or watermark form.

We also provide premade videos of different chiropractic exercises you can send out in your monthly newsletter to your patients. In these videos, you may also change the logos to make the videos your own.

Forms we provide or ones you create from scratch can have your branding applied to them – along with invoices.

If you are using the patient cards we provide, the same concept applies – no Digital Patient Chart branding and your logo may be applied.

When you use Digital Patient Chart, Digital Patient Chart connects to your website and lets your patients sign up for appointments, webinars, and other events without redirecting them to a third-party page. This keeps all traffic on your website and keeps your professional branding consistent. While this is not a “branding customization” feature, this is still a small detail that makes a big difference. Instead of this being an “included branding customization feature”, it is more about how serious Digital Patient Chart plays a part in keeping your brand image consistent across the board and uninterrupted.


Inventory Customization

Not all software comes with a shop or inventory management system. Create your own shop that expands the revenue of your chiropractic practice and keeps up with your inventory. Scroll through what you have available and always have the correct inventory amount and prices handy for those interested.


Services Provided Customization

Not all chiropractic offices will have nutritionists, massage therapists, or acupuncture services. Add any additional services you provide that are not limited to chiropractic adjustments and create your own prices and plans available for each.

Digital Patient Chart is always growing and creating new, exciting ways to uplift your practice. What practices want and need now will not be the same down the road – and we welcome any new ideas you may have that can help your practice reach its full potential.

Contact us today to learn more about the features Digital Patient Chart provides or if you have a feature you would like to be added at no extra cost to you.