How Digital Patient Chart Helps Chiropractors Solve Key Issues in their Work

Chiropractors have their work cut for themselves, as various surveys and statistics show. There is a lot of competition in every area, large or small. There is also the issue that patients perceive them as not quite doctors, thus there is a trust issue. And every day at the office, there are dozens of administrative tasks to take care of, carving out of time that should be spent with the patients. This is why you should consider making your work easier and more efficient with Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software.


A Chiropractic Software Developed Especially for Your Profession

What makes Digital Patient Chart special? Why should you entrust your work, your practice, and your list of your patient to this software suite? The answer is simple: actual chiropractors like you contributed their know-how during the development phase and tested the software.

This is not a generic appointment and marketing tool that can be adjusted for chiropractors. It is a chiropractic software solution in the truest sense. And its functionalities are designed to help you spend more time with patients and win their trust through ongoing communications.

To illustrate its benefits, we selected 5 key issues chiropractors usually face and how this software solution helps you manage them:


1. Winning Patients’ Trust

As we stated at the beginning of this article, credibility is one of the main issues all chiropractors must face. Patients wonder whether they offer a safe and legitimate service. Since they are not actually doctors, can chiropractors be trusted?

Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software helps you mitigate this problem in two ways. One is by allowing the patient full access to their own treatment scheme and asking them to complete outcome assessments. This will allow them to note the constant improvements in their wellbeing as the treatment progresses.

Another way is through the AI embedded in the software suite that constantly sweeps the internet for reliable articles and scientific papers in the chiropractic fields. From there, you can make a selection of topics of interest to your patients and include them in your newsletter or social media posts.


2. Time Management after Sudden Cancellations

The issue of last-minute cancellations is quite serious. You are left with an unexpected gap in your daily schedule and you don’t know how to fill it. This can derail the rest of your day and cause you to be unproductive.

With Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software, you get instant notifications as soon as a patient has canceled a session. Also, the patient has access to a simple and easy-to-use mobile app that allows them to reschedule, book or cancel as soon as something unexpected comes up. This means that you get notified in due time and can look over your schedule and spend your time productively with other tasks.


3. Managing Your Staff

Any chiropractor needs a few employees – at the very least a secretary and a nurse. And once you have employees, you have to spend time instructing them how to file records, where to find them, and how to follow specific procedures in your practice.

The chiropractic software developed by Digital Patient Chart relieves you of many of these tasks. The work procedures are accessible to each staff member through their user accounts. The software centralizes all documents in a database. And each employee has access strictly to the files they need to perform their work.


4. Marketing Brings Clients but Takes Lots of Time

No business can survive without marketing. Thus, chiropractors need to think of issues such as writing blog articles, sending newsletters and posting on the social media. However, it takes time to build a solid marketing strategy and keep it going.

Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software helps you manage your marketing with ready-made promotional tools, such as newsletter templates. Upon request, our team can also help you redesign and optimize your website, as well.


5. Staying in the Loop

As the owner of the chiropractic office, you need to know everything that happens each day. You have to access patient files and know that your employees follow your instructions and do their job properly.

Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software puts all the information at your fingertips. In a few clicks, you can bring on-screen any patient files. Also, as a user with administrator rights, you can oversee the activity of all the other users, you can see the files they opened or edited and any other pertinent information about their work with the software.


With Digital Patient Chart, your chiropractic business will run more efficiently and productively. Find out more on!