How to Manage Chiropractic Patient Complaints and Maintain Your Reputation

Any chiropractor worst nightmare is a complaint from a patient. From a simple misunderstanding, it may escalate as far as a malpractice lawsuit. Or, just as damaging, it could lead to a series of negative online reviews that will deter other people from choosing your practice.

The first thing you should do is not panic. As we said above, it may be a simple misunderstanding and you could solve it with a simple open discussion with the patient. In this article, we will help you catch these misunderstandings before they escalate and find the best solution for the unhappy patient. In this specific situation, Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software is a strong ally you can rely on to solve the problem.

Why Do Chiropractic Patients Complain?

In most cases, patients complain about issues not related to your treatment. Maybe they had to wait too long in the reception area. Maybe there was a misunderstanding in your schedule and they find out that their appointment was not recorded.

These situations can be easily solved by Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software. The appointment module of this software developed especially for chiropractors will automatically update your schedule once a patient made an appointment. For the patients, the software offers a mobile app where they can easily create, modify or cancel an appointment in a few taps.

What You Should Do to Solve a Patient Complaint in a Satisfactory Manner

These being said, here are a few ways in which you can make sure that your unhappy patients find a satisfactory solution to a complaint, and do not take matters further.

1. Train Your Staff to Report Negative Feedback

In most cases, the unhappy patient will share their dissatisfaction with your receptionist or your nurse, not to you directly. They may let a few words slip, stating that they’ve waited too long or you were too rushed with your treatment session, etc.

This is why you should instruct all your employees to report to you such a situation as soon as it occurs. On the next appointment, or during a live chat in the Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software messaging module, you should raise the issue and ask the patient to detail what made them unhappy.

2. Make Sure the Patient Has Realistic Expectations

The everyday person has little information as to how chiropractic treatment works. Some of them expect to make a miraculous recovery after the first two sessions. When it does not happen, the patient may complain that the treatment does not work.

In this situation, you should take the time to explain the entire course of treatment to the patient. Open their file in the Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software and indicate the progress they have made so far based on your own observations and the patient’s self-assessment. In most cases, this is all you have to do to persuade the patient to continue trusting you.

3. Offer Compensation for Valid Complaints

In some cases, the patient’s complaint is genuine. Maybe a member of your staff was rude to them. Or maybe, they made an appointment by phone and your secretary forgot to update your schedule.

At this point, you can still keep your patient if you offer them compensation, such as waiving the co-payment for the next session or giving them a free massage session. People are likely to respond with goodwill to goodwill, especially if your treatment has proven successful so far.

4. Prepare to Defend Your Reputation

In certain situations, a patient may claim that your treatment worsened their condition and threaten with a lawsuit. In this situation, it is of paramount importance to have all your documents and file in order. You may need them to defend yourself in court or before regulatory bodies.

In this case, Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software is a strong argument in your favor. You can easily prove that you comply with HIPAA rules and that your files are stored in a safe and secure manner. You can present the entire history of the case, from the moment the patient started the treatment and until they filed their complaint.

No matter what a patient may claim, with Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software you have the tools you need to protect your reputation and, in some cases, to keep your patient satisfied. Find out more about the solution: