How to save money with Digital Patient Chart EHR

Digital Patient Chart is here to help you stop losing money and start saving! We are proud to offer our clients electronic health record software that is not only affordable but easy to use. Digital Patient Chart's EHR software will help you save on the services you are already paying for, while also providing additional benefits such as Increased efficiency Improved patient care, And more!

Here are 7 ways how to save money with Digital Patient Chart EHR:

  1. Eliminate the need for paper records by going digital with patient files
  2. Send automatic reminders to patients for upcoming appointments, reducing no-shows
  3. Get paid faster by using electronic claims and direct deposit
  4. Use the built-in task management system to increase productivity
  5. Generate reports to track patient outcomes and measure success
  6. You can reduce your staff's workload by automating tasks.
  7. Email Marketing with templates integrated

Digital Patient Chart EHR offers the best solution, by having all services under the same roof. Would you not save anywhere from this type of system? If your business will pay for services 20% less and will increase its revenue by just having a modern website that is mobile responsive and easy to navigate.

We offer everything as a ready solution... hosting on a HIPPA-compliant server, booking, billing, marketing, payment processing solution, web maintenance, web design, social media management, social media design, and online automatic reviews on Google, and Yelp. You can trust us to deliver quality care for your patients while saving you time and money.

We have more tips on how using Digital Patient Chart you will save money:

EHR integrated with Billing

If you're looking to save money, our EHR system that integrates with billing can be a big help. Here's how it works: charge capture is improved, meaning you're less likely to miss out on revenue. Reimbursement for billed services also goes up when documentation is more accurate. This not only reduces staffing costs but also the potential for human error. All in all, an EHR system that integrates with billing is a great way to boost efficiency and save money.

Increase your business name recognition

An EHR can help increase brand recognition for a facility in its geographical market and can be a powerful tool for saving money and improving the quality of care at your chiropractic business. By increasing brand recognition and attracting new patients, an EHR can help to improve the bottom line for a facility. In addition, by improving the quality of care, an EHR can also help to reduce costs associated with errors and complications. Improved quality of patient care resulting from electronic healthcare records can make the facility more well-known and respected among potential patients.

No additional cost

Maybe you can believe it but we don't ask for any upfront, hardware, or staff training cost. All the software updates and ongoing operation is free plus we don't increase the price over time.

Final Conclusion

The right EHR can make a big difference in your practice - both in terms of cost and efficiency. By taking the time to find an EHR that has the features you need, you can set your practice up for success. Digital Patient Chart is an affordable and effective solution that can help you save money and run your practice more efficiently. We appreciate your time dedicated to reading this blog. Also, don't forget to use our FREE DEMO to learn more about us. We hope this article was helpful in informing your decision on which EHR to choose for your practice. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you for reading!

Digital Patient Chart Team