How to Solve Two Major Problems Chiropractors Struggle With

A lot goes into running a successful chiropractic office, but there are two major problems chiropractors struggle with that have a domino effect on other areas of their practice. These two major problems are:

  1. Not enough income
  2. Not enough time

While it sounds obvious, the solution is not always in plain sight. With so many tasks at hand, a chiropractor does more than just attending to their patients. They handle business finances, marketing, SEO, and much more to run a business. Most chiropractors who go into a field to help patients often find themselves becoming an entrepreneur. This additional weight placed on their shoulders can be quite heavy and slow them down on obtaining growth they deserve.

Without enough income, you run out of helping hands to handle accounts, marketing, SEO, and expansion; and like all business owners, time is money. How you spend your time reflects what you get in return. It is also common for us to not be as productive during the time we do have.


How to Make the Most of Your Time

To grow income, we need to look at how the time we do have is being used and explore ways in which we can have more time to increase productivity. At the moment, most chiropractors work too hard for too little.

Digital Patient Chart is designed to adapt to your specific practice and analyze how time is spent, pinpoint areas that need your attention, and show you how to improve. It is made to learn and grow alongside your practice so you will always have that extra pair of hands.

It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for your chiropractic office as well as keeping up with everyday tasks that keep it afloat. Instead of you carrying most of the workload, Digital Patient Chart will split up the tasks for each employee and everyone will only see what they need to stay focused on completing. As said before, Digital Patient Chart does carry a large amount of the workload and automates many redundant tasks so you and your team can focus on bigger things.

Imagine automated billing and scheduling, follow-ups that send out after a certain amount of time for each patient, analytics to show an overview of your finances and patient behavior, as well as SEO and marketing. Digital Patient Chart takes a lot of time out of the guesswork on what to do next by allowing you to read over a summary of how well your practice is performing and what areas to fix.

If you want to make the most of your time, automation and analytics are key so you can be free from being overworked and know what steps to take next that will improve your office’s performance.


Increase Income with Automation

Increasing income with Digital Patient Chart is quite simple. Digital Patient Chart makes sure you stay organized and bill correctly. The culprit behind poor billing is lack of organization from software or the system used for billing and having the right chiropractic management and billing software will make all the difference!

Having employees putting in data manually increases margin of error, where in Digital Patient Chart you can set the prices for new patients and numerous treatments, so these prices are automatically charged when options are selected. Payments and claims are posted automatically and if your patient’s insurance has expired or they have reached their visit maximum, you are notified ahead of time.

Staying organized is a breeze as Digital Patient Chart shows tasks that are unique to each employee in your office. With these unique views, they only worry about their jobs for the day instead of becoming stressed about other tasks outside of their field. Staying productive and consistent in and outside of your business will allow your office to thrive.

When you are ready for marketing, all necessary analytics and tools are already with you! Design your own emails with our templates, automate when they are sent out, measure your patient demographics to create your next marketing campaign, and visually see your results!

Once you save time with Digital Patient Chart, you can begin increasing your profits with Digital Patient Chart easily as it allows you to know your patient market in the area you are located. Collect data on certain conditions, age groups, gender, and more and get to know the types of patients your office attracts. Knowing this information is extremely valuable and will play a large part in how successful your marketing and positioning is.


Solve the Major Problems Together

As Digital Patient Chart gives time back to you by taking away tedious tasks and greatly reducing your workload, you have more time to focus on gaining more exposure and strengthening the relationships with your current patients.

Do not let these two major problems continue to happen under the radar. Take control of your practice and unlock your potential with Digital Patient Chart. Contact us for a free 30 day trial today to see the difference!