How User Friendly Is Your Chiropractic Appointment System?

As a chiropractor, you are trying various marketing strategies to attract new patients. You offer promotional discounts or a free initial evaluation. You create various payments plans. However, your appointment schedule refuses to fill up. You go through your marketing materials and see no flaws. But have you stopped to think that your appointment system is actually the weak link in your marketing chain?

Your Typical Patient: Always on the Run and On Their Mobile Phone

The fact of the matter is that most people rely on their smartphones for everything these days. And this includes making an appointment with you. Once they realize that they have to memorize a phone number on your website and dial it or go through a complex web interface, they give up.

And this is why all those clicks on your ads fail to materialize in new patients. What you need to counteract this issue is a user-friendly appointment system. With Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software you get this kind of interface and many other benefits.

Do You Think Your Appointment System Is User Friendly? Take the Test!

Instead of bringing arguments in favor of Digital Patient Chart, we will ask you to be honest in answering the following questions regarding your chiropractic appointment system.

1. Can Your Patients Make an Appointment Anytime?

Does your appointment system rely on a phone line which is available during business hours only, when your secretary opens it? A lot of patients decide to make a chiropractic appointment after a long day at work when they feel the constant pain in their lower back more acutely than ever.

Or they find time to answer your ad during the weekend. But, of course, no one will answer the phone to make the appointment. With Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software, your potential patients can schedule their own appointments 24/7, all year round.

2. Do You Always Have A Clean and Up to Date Appointment Schedule?

Do you know for sure how busy you will be tomorrow? How about a week from now? If you still rely on a secretary, you will need to wait until the morning to see your schedule. If you use a web-based interface, you generally have to manually update your appointment schedule. None of these methods are very reliable. You cannot make a last-minute change to your schedule or make a business commitment ahead of time.

The appointment schedule embedded in Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software is fully automated. Once a patient made an appointment, your schedule is updated and you see all the booked slots for days and weeks ahead.

3. Can Your Patients Schedule Their Appointments on Any Device?

Does your web-based appointment system work well on a 9-inch tablet? What about a 6-inch smartphone? Alright, what about an older 4-inch smartphone? As we stated above, most of your patients rely on their phones or tablets to connect with businesses, make purchases and appointments.

And not all of them have the latest flagship models from major brands like Apple or Samsung. Many people rely on mid-range or entry-level phones and these have smaller screens and less powerful chips. Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software allows your potential patients to make their appointments easily by applying responsive web design principles to the appointment interface. It automatically resizes and adapts to the screen on which it is displayed.

4. Can Your Patients Cancel or Reschedule an Appointment Easily?

A complex appointment system is the cause of many no-shows at chiropractic offices. The patient tries to cancel or reschedule with no results, and finally gives up and simply does not come for the appointment.

With the appointment schedule of Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software, rescheduling or canceling is just as simple as making an appointment. The patient receives an instant confirmation of the action taken, and your schedule is automatically updated. If you are busy on the time and hour the patient chooses for rescheduling, they see a warning message inviting them to select a different date and time.

5. Can You Send Automated Reminders to Your Patients?

Nowadays, people are very busy and it is hard to keep track of everything they have to do. Thus, some no-shows at appointments are due to the fact that the patient simply forgot about it.

Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software allows you to create and schedule reminders for your patients. These reminders are sent as push notifications to their smartphone, thus reducing the risk of having one or several no-shows on your schedule.

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