Is your current system helping your business to grow?

Just a simple fact to think about. How many of the following statements are true?

  1. submitting electronic claims after the system check them for errors
  2. notifications when people reschedule or new patients schedule appointments online
  3. can message patients
  4. verifying insurance online with one click of the button
  5. patients being able to fill out and sign paperwork online
  6. saves credit card info(only the last 4 digits) for later transactions…no card swipe, no time waisted…the system does all transactions automatically when the patient starts the visit
  7. patient uses the mobile phone to mark himself present to visit and make all payments at the same time(if so the system is set up)

Here are 7 questions for 7 functions from over 50 available options…. How many are included in your EHR?

Do you use real-time eligibility when you check health insurance patient status?

Digital Patient Chart EHR includes this option for any practice that deals with medical insurance, medicare, Medicaid, auto insurance, etc… Cut the time you spend on phone calls by 55% and get more done. Submit electronically or via normal mail, after the claim is automatically checked for errors, to a clearinghouse or directly to the medical insurance with confidence. Your claim will be approved 99% of the time from the first submission.

What about the Patient Portal?

On the Digital Patient Chart platform, your patients will be able to have their own portal. Depending on what language the browser is set they will have the portal translated automatically. Plus you can have your Website and EHR pages translated in real-time, so if you do any changes, they will be translated on the spot. The communication using text or chat will be translated back and forth also. There are countless patients lost each month just because of the language barrier.

What about the store and other services directly integrated with the EHR?

You offer more services in your practice (laser therapy, weight loss, spa services, beauty) and now can integrate them and use them with the EHR. For doctors that have a store with supplements or other merchandise which they sell that can be integrated too. Separate accounting, separate points for payment processing, separate everything as per rules and regulations, but all connected in order to increase productivity and ease to use.

With Digital Patient Chart your entire System is actually YOURS

Your entire system EHR and Website are actually YOURS with Digital Patient Chart. No more losing your work, leads, and information when you have different tasks allocated to different third parties. The system is easy to learn and work with, very dynamic and you have the possibility with the tools you have from the EHR to do your own page Marketing.

Customer Service almost 24/7

You need some advice, you have an idea which you think we can implement to make easier the flow of the business, not a problem. Digital Patient Chart is your actually real partner always here for you. If you want more information you can email us at contact@Digital Patient, call 346-772-7281, or visit our website at www.Digital Patient and schedule a Free Demo.