Looking Back at 2020 and What the Future Holds for Chiropractors

As we count the days left this year, we have to acknowledge how much our lives have changed. Not just professionally, but also on a personal level, 2020 was extremely difficult. We discovered how vulnerable we are and how easily we can become defeated by something so tiny that we need a powerful microscope to see.

Yet, 2020 was also proof of our resilience and adaptability. Many people learned to work from home. For chiropractors, even if the treatment cannot be performed remotely, the use of modern tools meant reducing contact between team members without losing control over the business.


What Challenges the Chiropractic Software Helped Overcome

Using the solution developed by Digital Patient Chart allows chiropractors to keep EHR in a manner compliant with HIPAA regulations. However, our chiropractic software is much more than an EHR solution.

Many chiropractors discovered the benefit of:

  • Keeping in touch with customers via newsletters
  • Allowing patients to schedule their appointment from their mobile phone
  • Monitoring the financial performance of their practice
  • Sending patients progress reports related to their treatments.

All these activities would have been very difficult to perform without spending a lot of time and using many expensive apps and software suites.

Looking Ahead: How Will 2021 Reshape Chiropractors Work?

Even after a significant percentage of the population will be vaccinated against COVID-19, some things will not change. People will demand a consistent change in the health care system, from large hospitals to independent chiropractors.

These are some of the most important changes we foresee for the future. As you will note, our chiropractic software already provides a solution for you in this respect:

1. Telemedicine Will Be in Greater Demand

Remote consultations via video call have become increasingly frequent during the COVID lockdown. Doctors were able to provide advice, issue prescriptions, and monitor their patients’ condition without having to be in the same room with them.

We anticipated this growing trend and added a video conference feature to our chiropractic software. For now, doctors can host virtual meetings and discuss their work and administrative tasks. Soon enough, this feature will also include video calls with the patients. Thus, you will be able to provide instructions and advice even if they cannot come to your practice.

2. Smart Tools Will Confirm You're Good Reputation

A lot of people discovered the many advantages of smart devices during the pandemic. Smartphones and smart TVs helped them pay bills, do their shopping, and be entertained. Right now, any kind of smart tool that facilitates communication and problem solving is seen as a plus, a competitive advantage for the business/practitioner using it.

The chiropractic software is such a smart tool, and not only for you as a practitioner. Your patients can also benefit from it by:

  • Scheduling their appointments
  • Getting reminders for upcoming appointments
  • Accessing curated articles in your newsletter and learning more about chiropractic treatments
  • Chatting with their practitioner when they have a question.

3. Data Safety Will Play an Increasing Role in Health Care

Patient data is confidential and doctors must use the highest levels of security to safeguard it. With electronic data, things are even more complicated than before, because they are vulnerable to unauthorized access from anyone with an internet connection.

This is why our chiropractic software incorporates the most advanced cybersecurity solutions. At the same time, all data stored by the software is kept not on a local machine, but in a cloud storage facility – the standard for data security at the present.

Using cutting-edge technology in developing our chiropractic software is our way of helping you run a successful practice and face all the challenges of the future. Find out more: https://digitalpatientchart.com