Multiple Office Support

Digital Patient Chart keeps your office growth in mind. For those with multiple locations, you can keep track of all your locations under your account. Read on to see how Digital Patient Chart makes it easier for you to take care of multiple offices.


Patient Real-Time Updates

No matter which office your patient ends up visiting, rest assured all notes and updates to their appointments and patient files are made as they happen. This means there are no missing information or updates lost when they are transferred from office to office, including billing, appointment changes, and SOAP notes.

This makes it easier for your patients to split their appointments across multiple locations if they are traveling or moving without having to wait for updates or corrections upon arrival at another location. For patients who are signed up for automatic payments for their treatment plans and one of their treatments have taken place at a separate location, their automatic payments will be uninterrupted and will continue seamlessly – counting the visit at the other location without you needing to set it up again.

If any of your patients has an emergency and needs to reach out to whichever office is closest to them, it is easy for them to set up an appointment on your website, over the phone, or through their patient portal to get into any of your office locations. When a new Chiropractor sees the patient, they will see all of their appointment history and forms, so they are up to date without having to request additional forms to be filled. The same is true if an appointment is canceled: it can be rescheduled at a different location.


Compare Reports and Unique Analytics

Your main reports and analytics provide visual real-time graphs of all of your office locations – giving you insight into how your locations are performing compared with each other.

Having software that collects unique analytics on each office means you can see if there is a change in your “perfect patient profile” – which will assist you in making unique marketing and business decisions that will work best for each location. One of your locations may have more patients who are middle-aged while another location may attract more seniors.

If you provide more than chiropractic services, it will oversee how well your other services are performing in each location too or if there is a need that is in higher demand for a certain location that could give you an opportunity to fulfill (Are most patients in one of your locations showing up for sports therapy? Are more patients taking advantage of a nutritionist? These types of observations can help you reach out to a more specific audience during campaigns and inspire ideas on how to create more community-oriented events or expand your office’s inventory).


Contacts and Mailing Lists

Stay in contact with all patients in all of your office locations. You can search all your patients based upon which doctors they see, the location they visit, and much more.

Mailing lists can be created and directed for only patients in certain office locations so you won’t have to filter out emails about events or specials that may not be available in their area. Newsletters and other seasonal offers or special news can be shared with all patients as well if the location does not matter.


Team Management Based on Location

Not all team members in one office will be there for the other. Having multiple office locations means you will have different secretaries, chiropractors, and temps for each. Some secretaries or chiropractors may split their time between different offices and Digital Patient Chart makes it simple to keep up with that too.

Oversee your team across all offices and have the ability to stay in touch with them as you work through instant messaging through the software in case a check-up is needed. You and your team who work in more than one office location can see your schedules based upon location or see a collected overview.

If you require a marketing team or SEO who may only work for certain locations, you can add them as a member that has access to specific offices so the data they use does not include data that is collected from other office locations that can negatively affect their location-sensitive campaigns or strategies. This is especially useful for those who may have locations on opposite sides of the country or an office in an entirely different country.


There are many benefits to software that supports multiple office locations. Software that is future-proof allows you to stay consistent in the game and prepared to expand. Digital Patient Chart’s ability to collect unique data and adapt to the way each location works makes it completely adaptable and adjust to each office uniquely to fit the team’s habits and style of work.

Digital Patient Chart comes with every feature you see listed on our main page. No hidden cost and no “add-ons” required. If you are looking for software that can improve your office and enhance your patient experience, contact us for more info or for a free trial today!