New Upcoming Feature: Chiropractic Software Will Simplify Communication with Patients

Communication is the key for success in every kind of human interaction, but especially between healthcare professionals and their patients. For chiropractors it is extremely important to know the entire medical history of a patient, how they feel after each treatment session and other relevant information. While emails are quite effective, they do not guarantee complete privacy (an email client can be hacked, the patient may send the message to the wrong address). At Digital Patient Chart, we believe that we found the perfect solution: adding a direct chat feature to our chiropractic software.


How Can Live Chat Help Chiropractors?

Before we started developing this new feature, we took into consideration all the critical elements in a chiropractor’s work:

  • Being permanently informed of patients’ response to treatment
  • Time management, especially for practitioners with a busy schedule;
  • The need to comply with data privacy requirements.

From all the possible means of communication available at the present, we determined that a secured private chat function is the best solution for all these issues. At the present, the chat is still under development, but it will be available through a software update within the next 2 months.


What Are the Key Benefits of Adding Live Chat to the Chiropractic Software?

At Digital Patient Chart, our number one preoccupation is improving Digital Patient Chart to answer the needs and demands of practitioners like you. We know how important it is for you to keep in touch with your patients and keep them loyal.

Thus, we decided to facilitate communication, not only for chiropractors, but also for patients. We think this is a win-win situation for both parties involved. Here are some of the most important benefits you will get:


1. Save Time on Rescheduling Treatment Sessions

Although Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software updates your schedule automatically whenever a patient reschedules or cancels and appointment, we thought that direct chat is even more convenient.

A patient who has just found out that they can’t arrive at the appointment can open the chat within the Digital Patient Chart application and let you know as soon as possible. This leaves you enough time to schedule another patient or use the available time slot otherwise.


2. Advise the Patient in Emergency Situations

In some cases, the patient may experience secondary effects after a session, or symptoms that are unrelated to your chiropractic treatment. The chat feature of the chiropractic software will help you understand those symptoms and make the best recommendation: a new visit to your practice, to the patient’s family doctor or to the ER.


3. Send Reminders for Appointments

Some patients are usually late for their treatment sessions, and this can affect the rest of your daily schedule. With the new chat feature, you will be able to contact the patient from the chiropractic software and send them a reminder one or two hours ahead of time.

In time, these patients will become better at time management and will arrive on time even without your reminder.


4. Share Important Information with Your Patients

Direct messaging has become the number one medium of communication for many people. The success of Facebook Messenger, Skype or other direct chat apps proves it. With your own private chat embedded in the chiropractic software, you can keep your patient up to date with important news about your practice.

For instance, you can remind them about Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter vacations, when your practice is closed. This will avoid confusions and booking time slots on days when you are away on holiday.


5. Complete Privacy and Security of Each Communication

Any text chat between you and a patient are safe and protected from intrusions. At Digital Patient Chart we take your data protection requirements very seriously. The direct chat embedded in the app will be secure and protected from unauthorized access or interception.


Digital Patient Chart is the only chiropractic software developed for practitioners like you. Find more about the benefits of using it here:!