Patient Portal: A Rewarding Experience for the Patient and your Practice

Patient portals can be a pretty dry experience with not much interaction. With Digital Patient Chart, we wanted to create a patient portal that becomes more interactive with the patient as well as rewards them and your practice.


What Does a Patient Portal do?

Typically a patient portal makes it so the patient can have an overview of their appointments, health, messages, and print out forms. It offers a convenient way for your patients to prepare and have their health information summary at their fingertips when they need it.


What Makes the Digital Patient Chart Patient Portal Different?

Our Digital Patient Chart patient portal goes beyond the basic portals used worldwide. We wanted to make the patient portal more interactive as well as have it benefit your patient and your practice even more.

Patients are able to have all the benefits of the basic patient portals used including the ability to directly message their doctors using their patient portal and make payments. Beyond this, a referral system is in place that rewards your patients!

Keeping up with who refers who to your chiropractic office can get confusing and hard to keep up with. Now when you run referral rewards or contests, your patients can send out emails through the patient portal to friends and family they want to spread the word to and Digital Patient Chart will keep track which referrals are clicked and make appointments to your office. This makes it easier for your patients to make referrals, along with reminding them to make them, and allows you to keep track of how many are successful.

More referrals help your practice become more exposed with word of mouth as potential patients will now see your practice recommended by people they know and trust. However, the difference does not stop here!

It can be a challenge to receive frequent testimonials or reviews left on sites such as your practice’s Facebook page, Yelp, or Google. Digital Patient Chart helps increase the number of patients that leave reviews by simplifying the process so your patients do not have to go to various sites to leave the reviews.

First, Digital Patient Chart will analyze your patients’ progress and measure how they are improving with your services. Using this data, Digital Patient Chart will contact patients who have noticeable improvement rates after a certain amount of treatments and contact these patients to see if they would like to leave you a review.

Using Digital Patient Chart, patients are able to record videos straight from their phones or write using their devices with the ability to publish their reviews across various platforms. Before the review is published, you may set it to be only published after approval by you. This also lets your office hear important feedback for improvement and makes your patients feel their voice matters.

When it comes to forms to fill out, Digital Patient Chart stays up to date with complaint forms needed. These are updated in real-time to adapt to any changes. Not everyone will have access to a printer, so your patients are granted the option to fill out their forms quickly and easily using their device. Once the form is completed, your office receives it immediately.

When we mentioned patients having an overview of their health that is usually provided in basic patient portals, Digital Patient Chart steps it up by showing visuals of their improvements so they can see the difference your services are making over time! Sometimes a patient does not understand why chiropractic is so important or why they should keep going when they do not feel it is urgent. Having visuals for your patients to see the difference chiropractic is making can make it easier for them to see the significance of your services.


Are you still held back by a patient portal you wish could do more? Remember, our team is dedicated to serving you and your practice and are always open to hearing feedback on what more you believe your practice needs to become successful. Our team does not work with any third party and can make all changes quickly. If you have a need that is not being fulfilled, our team will work with you to make sure Digital Patient Chart fills the gap for you.