Reasons to Update Patients Notes in the Chiropractic Software during the Appointment

For any chiropractor, administrative and bookkeeping tasks are among the dullest and most time-consuming. And this is why the Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software is packed with various modules to help you work smarter, not harder.

However, there is something you need to do to streamline your work tasks: stop delaying various tasks to the end of the day. One of these tasks is updating patient notes. They are quite tedious, as you have to summarize your treatment session and discussion with each patient in their respective files.

Use Your Time with the Patient Wisely to Include Note Taking

The design of our chiropractic software helps you pull any patient file quickly and access each section of the file, including the notes. Thus, you can unobtrusively take notes as the patient is talking to you at the end of the session.

You will not lose focus on what the patient is telling you, while you jot down information that can prove very important in the future. Here are some of the reasons we believe you should always update patient notes in the chiropractic software during appointments:

1. You Will Not Forget Key Details

Let us be honest, at the end of a busy day, it is hard to remember everything each patient told you after the appointment. A single word or a side remark can prove crucial – for instance, if the patient said that they are taking prescribed medication for a condition, or that they feel a dull pain in a part of their body.

The patient has no idea how important that information is for you in adapting the course of treatment. And if you forget to add this detail in the patient notes, you may find your practice sued for malpractice sometimes in the future.

2. Keep Your Notes Credible and Accurate

Should your practice be audited, one thing the auditors will seek is the time period between appointments and filling in the patient notes in the chiropractic software. If they note frequent delays of several hours, they may deem that your notes are not credible and question every aspect of your practice.

On the contrary, if the patient notes correspond with the time of each appointment, your credibility and reputation as a practitioner will be protected.

3. Create More Effective Courses of Treatments

With accurate notes, containing all pertaining information, you will be able to create treatment courses that help your patients feel better. In order to do so, you will have to know:

  • Preexisting medical conditions
  • Other prescribed treatments
  • Current diagnosis
  • Treatment progress.

The only way of ensuring the accuracy and completeness of these details is filling in the patient notes as you are talking to each person and they describe how they feel or give you information about their state of health.

4. Better Time Management

Finally, if you make it a habit out of filling in patient notes in the chiropractic software during appointments, you will observe that you have more spare time to spend with your family and friends. You will say goodbye to evenings and weekends spent catching up with various administrative tasks.

Over time, with better time management, you will be able to expand your practice, while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. And looking back, you will realize what a huge difference made the decision to stop putting off the updating of patient notes until the end of the day.

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