Save Your Sanity, Get Organized

Lacking organization? Overwhelmed with a plethora of paper files or post-it notes - Let’s get digital.

It can be quite overwhelming walking into a room filled up with folders and paper lying about. Fireproof filing cabinets are quite expensive and as you grow you require more storage space. Then we have formed! Always needing to make sure they are properly updated and ready for new patients to fill out. Not only that but what about mistakes written in pen or additional comments made in illegible handwriting? It might be time to go digital.

There are offices where file cabinets are filled to the brim, so much so the breakroom becomes overrun by files itself. On busy days, these can be tough to keep up with and organize unless you do so before or after hours. At Digital Patient Chart, we like to keep office work clean and simple – enabling you and your staff to keep everything organized from file keeping, reminders, events, and more…all right at your fingertips!


Digital Forms

Let’s start with the biggie…file keeping! All forms are digital and consistently updated so you will not have to worry about using anything outdated. The forms we provide are up to standards and follow guidelines. Need additional information about your patients or to get rid of options completely? Every form is entirely customizable to fit what you need! You can even create your own forms from scratch for additional services you provide.

Security is extremely important when handling personal information, and our system stays up to date and secures all information for you. No more large locked filing cabinets, no more folders lying around waiting to be put away, and no more walking back and forth to retrieve a patient’s folder. All information is secured in the Digital Patient Chart system and accessed by the chiropractor or other team member by logging into their account. This allows you to access the information on any type of device you are using for your office to access your patient files whether it be the desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.

Patients have the ability to fill out their forms in the comfort of their own home or in your office. If there are any open-ended questions in your form, their answers will be typed out and perfectly legible. This is a big deal when it comes to writing out their emails and phone numbers as well. In addition, Digital Patient Chart makes it possible for patients to digitally sign their signature when needed.


Reminders and Notifications

No more notes lying around or forgetting important dates. Digital Patient Chart has a built-in calendar that shows you all appointments and can be filtered by doctor, new patients, reoccurring patients, etc. Within the Digital Patient Chart system, you can add office events, ongoing office promotions start and end dates, oversee requested days off, work schedules for each member of the office, and holidays.

Reminders do not include just calendar information, however. Notifications can be set up for tasks you need to complete throughout the day to keep you on track. The admin can assign unique tasks to each person in the office and if a task needs to be completed by a certain time, they can receive a notification to make sure they stay on schedule.


Notes and Messages

Sometimes as you talk to a patient something is said that you need to make note of and remember for next time or to follow them up with later. Digital Patient Chart is a system that keeps everyone connected throughout the office so that your day can run smoothly. Anything you put into the system is updated live. This means information put into the system is updated in real time as it happens. If you are speaking one on one with a patient and need to make note of something mentioned, simply open their profile on the Digital Patient Chart system and log it in. When another member of your office sees their profile, they can see the note you made right away. If is something you need for someone on your team to know quickly, our system has an office chat where you can contact anyone in the office through your device by clicking on their name and typing them a message.

Let’s say you just finished adjusting a patient and they already walked out of the room. Maybe you forgot to mention a time when they should come see you again, or remember they had to pay a different amount because of a promotion going on; so you grab your tablet, click on your secretary’s name and send them a message to adjust their price or to let them know to come back at a specific time. The secretary will then receive a small notification that they received a message from you. This is great for those busy days where patients are seen back to back and get rid of the unnecessary running back and forth. A busy office can be uncomfortable for your patients if they sense a lot of stress or see a lot of staff rushing back and forth. Messaging allows a quick flow of communication between your entire team to keep the environment calm and organized.


All of the above help your office flow smoothly and stay organized even on your busiest days. No more looking or printing out more forms, tracking down office staff, or forgetting important dates or additional patient information. A chiropractic office that runs smoothly creates a positive experience for you and your patients by keeping out unnecessary stress.

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