Scheduling with Digital Patient Chart

Our Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software packs a punch with its automatic scheduling capabilities! Check out what our scheduling feature can do for your chiropractic office!

Scheduling is more than just keeping up with shifts and appointments. For chiropractic offices that are new, or for offices that already have heavy traffic, scheduling can either run smoothly or become hectic to keep up with. This is why we believe it is important to have an automatic scheduling system in place.


Live Schedule Updates

Our chiropractic software integrates with all devices you use inside the office: tablets, computers, phones, etc. Since our software seamlessly connects all devices together, appointments made via phone or online are updated live in the system. If you have an appointment being scheduled online, but your secretary is on the phone to set up an appointment for a new patient, as soon as the secretary sets up the new appointment in an open time slot, this time slot disappears from the online appointment selection. This also works the other way around: The secretary can see time slots disappearing as patients make their appointments online, so they will never be able to schedule two in the same slot.


Automatic Scheduling

This is a time saver! When patients sign up for different health plans your chiropractic office provides, or even a maintenance plan, scheduling can become automatic and set uniquely to fit certain plans you make. Let’s say your patient needs to come in 3 days per week. This is one of the presets you can make and to create that patient’s appointments, you simply click on the plan for 3 days per week and our chiropractic software will automatically assign the dates and times where there are open slots available.

Does your patient want to come in early instead of later? Are they unable to come in on Tuesdays but can come in on Wednesdays? Adjust their day and time preference in their schedule and our system will update the rest of their upcoming appointments automatically.

This is great for making appointments quickly and eliminating errors in scheduling. For plans that are on a pattern (3 days one week, 2 days the next), this works just as well. Create your own plans once so you will never have to schedule them manually again.


Block Out Dates

Sometimes we may need to take an emergency leave. When this happens, the secretary can mark your absence under an emergency leave and all appointments affected on that day will begin to blink. All patients who have their appointments affected will be contacted automatically by email with our system. The emails can be set up to say anything you want for emergency leave situations or you can use one of our premade templates.

When the emergency leave is put in the system, this also blocks out the time and day on all other outlets. This means your patients cannot schedule appointments with the chiropractor on the day or time of the emergency leave online! All of the timeslots that fall within the day and time of their emergency leave will be automatically blocked out.



Have certain days of the year you want your chiropractic office to be closed? All dates you mark your office closed will be updated in the scheduling system and can be made far in advance. These will be blocked out just like the emergency leave where no appointments can be made through the office by calling the secretary or by patients who try to schedule their own appointments online.


Office Events

Many chiropractic offices stay open after their closing hours for holding their own patient orientation classes or host their own informative health event elsewhere. All events you add into the schedule give you an opportunity to send out automatic emails to your patients as soon as they are put into your system. All emails can be premade if you hold many of the same events throughout the year (such as patient orientation classes) and our chiropractic software will notify your patients in appropriate timeframes you set up; a few days before, the day before, etc.

You can also limit which patients you would like to notify by placing your patients in their own email lists or setting up conditions – such as only new patient sign-ups will be notified about your upcoming patient orientation classes.


Let Your Scheduling Be a Breeze

An automatic scheduling system eliminates errors, reduces stress, and continues to work behind the scenes while you focus on more important tasks. Everything you change within the schedule, the system will adapt to, so you don’t need to reschedule every time slot that is effected manually. With the time you save and the errors you eliminate, this allows you to spend more time building up the patient experience and delivering effective customer service.

No more hustling to get an email sent out to specific patients or taking the time to close time slots on your site. Since Digital Patient Chart updates in real-time, everything the system is connected to (your office, website, tablet, phone, etc.) will make necessary changes in real-time.

This is not all our chiropractic software can do, however. Digital Patient Chart is made with the chiropractic office in mind and tested by real chiropractic offices to fit their every day needs and eliminate wasted time and effort. Our system is created to boost your patient engagement, marketing strategies, productivity, growth, and more!

Interested in finding out more about how we can help your office? Feel free to contact us today!