Small Alerts, Big Difference!

What is it about custom alerts that makes organization and focus more persistent? Learn how our alerts are made specifically to enhance the organization and focus of your practice.

Social media notifications prove time and time again to kill our productivity and interrupt our focus. The reason behind this is because the alert itself makes it sound important and in need of immediate action. Turning phone notifications off help people stay productive without any kind of distraction, so why on earth would we use alerts to enhance productivity?

As mentioned, notifications cause a feeling of taking immediate action. If the notification is made just right for a specific task instead of unneeded attention on a completely different subject (like how your friend just launched their new Facebook story of their cat doing what a cat does), it keeps you on track and motivated on what you are already doing. The idea here is to focus on one subject, not many. Social media notifications are about various subjects: Did they like? Comment? Share? Message? Poke? Because of all of these different types of notifications and subjects brought up within social media that are completely separate from one another, it can take you away from what you were doing and make you feel lost when you try getting back into what you were focusing on.

Our alerts are made to keep your head in the game! These are great if you are feeling as if you are lagging behind, fatigued, or just lost on what to do next. Alerts made by Digital Patient Chart help narrow down your focus at work so you can concentrate on one thing at a time instead of everything at once. If you didn’t know already, our system adapts to your chiropractic office and adjusts to how you work. It’s made to become a part of your team. It’s to ensure you do not only stay goal driven, but you stay constant in working towards those goals.

When you are at work, you can stay focused on work without the headache. Alerts can do a lot of the breaking down for you; instead of having you think of everything then narrow things down yourself – these alerts, in turn, save you time and mental energy.


Custom Alerts for Everyone

As said, why have alerts for things that take your focus away from what you were doing? With our system, you can have entirely customized alerts for every person who is a part of your team! A secretary should not receive the same alerts a doctor may have, and a doctor does not want the same alerts their intern receives. Each member of your team will have their very own custom alerts you can add, change, or delete. Make up their own tasks and alerts to help them stay focused throughout the day and let Digital Patient Chart take those tasks and adapt them to the days they need them.


Alerts that work with your Patients!

Set up custom alerts to go off when a patient hits a certain number of visits, has a copay or authorization period ending, and more! These alerts work hand in hand with everything the Digital Patient Chart system handles. Since our system keeps track of your patients’ information in real time, your alerts can be set up to go off when something changes – even their appointments!

Any cancellations or rescheduling of appointments can be set directly to the doctor who will be affected by the change. Digital Patient Chart will also automatically notify the doctor when their patient walks into the office! Don’t want these alerts? These can be turned off at any time.


Not Limited to “All or None”

Your alerts that you set up with Digital Patient Chart are entirely customizable. This means not only do you set up what you want alerts on, but you can silent or get rid of the ones you no longer want. Apps on our phones usually consist of “notifications on or off”, but you have more control over what it is exactly you want to know or want a reminder for.

If you set up alerts on a to-do list, you can mark off the ones you complete throughout the day. If you or your secretary wants to see if a certain team member has completed a task, you can simply look into a task overview section to oversee all tasks you and your secretary has made for everyone and which ones they have yet to complete.


Alerts for a Productive Chiropractic Practice

Remember, these alerts are not like your usual phone, app or email notifications. These alerts stay on top of your work and keep you going throughout the day on things you need to complete, not to take your time away to focus on an entirely different subject. Sometimes we need to be reminded to stay on track or to feel motivated by seeing the work we get done and having that satisfaction of checking them off. Let’s be honest, it’s the small things that make a big difference! And simple alerts made to fit what your practice needs are a sure way to keep your team productive, focused, and motivated.

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