Small Tasks that Enhance Your Practice’s Brand Image

With all that time you save with Digital Patient Chart, what will you do next?! 

Check out our list of small details that create a huge impact on your regular and potential future patients. It is a known fact that exceptional service makes you memorable, and a Chiropractic office can do a lot to stand out for its patients by doing small things that make a big impact. In a Chiropractic office, there is already so much to do on a day to day basis it’s often difficult to find the time or think of ways to improve the office experience on top of what you already have to do. With a system that helps you take on the daily tasks, you can free up your time to work on the small things that make a big change to the overall patient experience.

How Will I Have the Time?

As a summary, Digital Patient Chart is created for Chiropractic offices to be a part of your team. With our system, you can expect productivity to rise significantly all while gaining more time to put back into your practice – including the time to spice up your brand image. 

This system works by handling tedious daily tasks, sending out reminders to staff and patients, and does automatic scheduling along with many other exciting features that allow you to automate your office and focus solely on patients and tending to their experience.

Once you establish an exceptional experience with a patient, they will remember it and, most importantly, talk about it. What you want is for your patients to talk about the incredible experience you have provided for them to rack in more interest to your practice. The list below are little things we notice patients talk highly about practices.

Why the Small Things Matter

Oftentimes, owners believe it is the big things that make a big difference when many small things are done beforehand is what really impacts their patient experience and how they see your brand.

Be Responsive to Online Reviews

  • It is easy for patients to find a way of sharing their experience, whether it be good or not so ideal. Responding to these reviews, no matter if it is a negative or positive one, will make the patient feel like they are being listened to. If a patient leaves a negative review and gets a heartfelt response, you can actually increase the number of people who are more likely to see you compared to not responding at all.
  • While it is not easy finding the words to respond to a negative review, these steps are a great way to get you started: Address the reviewer by name to make it more personal, always say thank you, apologize and sympathize, make things right, take the issue offline by giving them a way to contact you, and ask for a second chance. While you do not have to pack all these steps in one response, addressing the reviewer personally, apologizing and sympathizing, and saying thank you makes a great response if you are stuck.

Patient Orientation

  • This is a great way of informing new patients about your practice and what they can expect. It also brings them an opportunity to bring in their own family and friends so you may speak to all of them at once in a personal setting. You do not have to be too sales-y as informing them on what you do and how Chiropractic improves the body is usually good enough for them to see the importance of it. You can share your personal stories of how it has helped you or some of the worst cases you had as well as answer any questions they have right then and there. This allows you to be transparent and earn trust from newcomers and future potential patients. Our system could also help you send new patients a reminder or notification of when your patient orientation classes are happening. These reminders and notifications can be set up to be automatic with each new patient sign up, giving them details about your next upcoming patient orientation class without you having to draft out notifications every time.


  • Patients love something they can leave with: Small free keychains with your branding on it, stickers, rubber bracelets with your logo and slogan, or even a small snack as they walk out of the office. Something small they can depart with can really add to the experience and make it more memorable. Some offices offer small freshly baked cookies out on their front desks while others leave small candies. Come up with a small gesture that shows your way of saying you appreciate them stopping by and watch how it lights up their day.

Personal Cards

  • As an adult, we are so used to receiving junk mail in our mailboxes. Almost half of our mail is always junk, so imagine your patient’s reaction to receiving a holiday card to let them know you are still around and thinking of them. If you do make holiday cards, they work best if they are personal and not so “copy and paste”. If you have many patients, a general heartfelt email blast could do the trick! You could even create a yearly email blast in advance that will be sent out automatically on a day of your choosing using our Digital Patient Chart system so once it is all set up, you don’t even have to think about it!

Remembering Little Things

  • Patients are important, and they love it when you remember little things. Things remembered such as a vacation they have coming up, a sick family member or something they said about their child expresses you have genuine interest in them and they are being listened to. Most offices that use our system report seeing hundreds of patients each day, so it could be quite difficult to remember small details such as these for hundreds of patients. If something stood out to you about your patient, you could write a quick note under their profile in our system that reminds you of them and change these notes at any time to keep up if needed. It’s another small task that takes only a few seconds to do that makes an everlasting impact on your patient.

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