Staying Compliant in a Highly Regulated Industry with Digital Patient Chart Chiropractic Software

Did you know that many EHR software solutions have compliance issues? You may be using one of them and risk hefty fines should your practice get audited. There are many small issues that you may not be aware of, but they are in breach of HIPAA rules. In this article, we will show you how Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software helps you work more efficiently and maintain HIPAA-compliant patient records.

Lack of Compliance – any Chiropractor’s Nightmare

As a chiropractor, you provide medical services to patients. Your practice falls under the HIPAA regulations in terms of:

  • How to prepare electronic records
  • How to store these records
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of patient information.

When we designed Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software, we considered all the challenges you must face, including maintaining HIPAA compliant EHR records. Some of the most common issues with other EHR software suites, according to RAC Monitor are:

  • Handling electronic signatures correctly
  • Self-populating fields where the software inserts incorrect information
  • Lack of customization for various specialties.

How Can You Stay Compliant with Chiropractic Software?

We developed Digital Patient Chart for chiropractors. We know the challenges you must face in terms of:

  • Keeping accurate and compliant records
  • Managing your time efficiently
  • Get feedback from your patients.

Thus, our chiropractic software has several useful features and benefits for your practice:

1. Pre-loaded Macros for EHR Records

You don’t have to waste time finding adequate and compliant record templates and filling them with information. Thus, when you start on a new record, you enter a step-by-step process that guides you from the selection of HIPAA-compliant templates to the final review.

In this way, Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software takes one big worry off your shoulders. You will never have to worry whether your EHR records are filled in correctly and in accordance with HIPAA rules.

2. Keep All the Patient Records in One Place

Patient X-rays, treatment notes, alerts, and reminders – it takes a lot of work to track all these documents related to one single patient. It is like juggling, but with not just one set of balls, with several of them. However, you cannot leave aside or forget about any of them.

With the chiropractic software developed by Digital Patient Chart, you will have all these documents in front of your eyes on one screen, for each patient. Moreover, you can automate and schedule alerts, so that each patient receives the treatment according to your plan to achieve the best results.

3. Create a Secure and Paperless Check-In and Check-Out Process

From the first visit from a patient to the last, you need to maintain confidential and complete records concerning your treatment plan. Hard copies are very difficult to maintain in good order, especially when the patient has to fill in various documents.

Chiropractic software Digital Patient Chart contains a full range of templates for electronic documents. All you have to do is send a link to the secured document to your patients’ email and they can easily fill it in from their computer, smartphone, or tablet.

4. Create and Customize Your Own Macros

Digital Patient Chart allows you to create branded and customized documents for your practice. The simple editing tools for macros help you create workflows and documents from scratch or customize predefined templates.

5. Collect Patient Outcome Assessments

At the end of each treatment, your patients have to fill in an outcome assessment. The chiropractic software developed by Digital Patient Chart contains an electronic form for this document, which the patients can leisurely fill in at home.

This eliminates friction in this last step of your relationship with a patient. Your patient will not have to spend time and money getting a printed form and then sending it to your practice by mail or courier service.

Digital Patient Chart is the only chiropractic software developed for practitioners like you. Find out more here: