The Role of EHR Chiropractic Software in COVID-19 Response Communication

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has hit businesses and individuals alike. For professionals in essential industries, the impact has not been as significant as it was for various practitioners, such as chiropractors like you. Social distancing rules, lockdowns as well as your patients’ natural feeling of fear of contracting the virus have taken their toll. However, you are doing your best to keep your practice a safe place for your patients. It’s time to start communicating this effectively using your EHR chiropractic software.

The Entire World Is Online, And So Must You!

The response to the COVID crisis had two distinct aspects: using the internet for almost everything, from remote work to shopping, meeting with family and friends, and entertainment. A lot of people have discovered the benefits of using various apps and websites to solve their problems, from paying their bills to grocery shopping.

As a chiropractor, you also have a powerful tool to reach your patients in the online world: the EHR chiropractic software developed by Digital Patient Chart. As we will show you below, you can use the various functionalities of this specialized software to:

  • Encourage your patients to continue their appointments
  • Show your efforts to maintain your practice safe
  • Reassure patients who have doubts.

Running a Chiropractic Office during the Pandemic with Digital Patient Chart Software

Here are some of the most effective ways to use the EHR chiropractic software to minimize the loss of patients and maintain the good reputation of your practice:

1. Tell Patients How You Keep Them Safe

The first step is to document the procedures you implemented in response to the COVID-19 crisis. List every measure you take, such as:

  • You and your employees wear face masks and gloves
  • All the surfaces are sanitized several times each day
  • The surfaces that patients are in contact with are sanitized after each visit
  • Patients have hand sanitizer available at the reception desk and in your office.

Next, prepare a newsletter using one of the templates available in the EHR chiropractic software. For maximum impact, include photos or even a short video demonstrating these safety precautions.

2. Add Personalized Advice to the Patient Portal

Each patient has their own portal in the EHR chiropractic software, which they access with their email address and password. Here, they find all the information they need in relation to their treatment: total number of sessions, next upcoming session, and helpful advice to manage pain at home.

Since you know their medical history, create personalized advice for your patients, paying attention to vulnerable persons. These are the elderly, overweight patients, patients with various existing conditions (diabetes, heart disease, etc.). The information regarding precautions is available on the websites of the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

3. Chat with Your Patients

Digital Patient Chart created the EHR chiropractic software as an interactive solution that allows real-time one-on-one communication. The chat feature is very useful to remind patients of an upcoming session and give them emergency advice.

At the same time, you can use the chat app to reassure your patients that your practice is a safe place for them. Listen to their concerns and objections, and offer them proofs that you are taking all the precautions to keep your practice free from contamination.

4. Encourage Patients to Reschedule Appointments

In some cases, patients must self-isolate if they were in contact with a person who is COVID positive. If their next session falls during the self-isolation period, they may be tempted to cancel it and then forget to renew it.

Instead of this, encourage them to use the personal patient portal to reschedule their session at a date and time when they can attend it safely. Even if the next appointment is a couple of weeks later, you can set up automated reminders that the patients receive on their mobile phones.

At Digital Patient Chart we work continuously to improve our EHR chiropractic software and help you stay connected with your patients during these difficult times. Find out more about the benefits of using our specialized solution here: