Time vs Money

You can earn more of one, but not the other. It’s time to change how your valuable time is spent.

It takes a lot of time and money to make a chiropractic office thrive. For new chiropractic offices, depending on the owner’s budget, they may not have automatic systems in place to support them. For large chiropractic offices, they either have an automatic system in place or looking to get one.

But why is having an automatic system beneficial for any office no matter their present standing? A startup chiropractic office can see great benefits from an automatic system early in the game just as an experienced office can. In fact, small offices who look into automatic systems before they expand to become much larger will already have their office used to working with their system on a smaller scale with established management and habits that they would not need to learn how to adapt on a larger one. Larger offices who are looking for an automatic system, or looking to improve an outdated one, will see an even larger difference in their time and money spent.


How Beneficial is an Automatic System for a Chiropractic Office?

An automatic system can work either with or against you, depending on how it is developed. A great automatic system will adapt itself to how your office communicates and what it needs. Systems that fit a “one fits all” category can set your office back and disrupt its naturally flow.

For instance, appointment reminders should be customizable. Your communication with your patients is a part of your branding and to keep its consistency, you should have the ability of customizing your reminders and other automatic message systems. In addition, it should not place limits on your office performance; by this, we mean placing illogical caps on what you are able to do or how often you are able to do it. Some illogical caps would be scheduling your emails, but not being able to schedule emails more than a month in advance.

There are many things some automatic systems cap, but Digital Patient Chart is made to break the boundaries other systems set on your practice. Let’s go over what makes an automatic system desirable in the first place:


Save Money

This is a big one. Everything we invest in for our brand is to help us get a return. Automatic systems save chiropractic offices a substantial amount of money. How much is up to how well established the practice is, but even automatic patient reminders reduce no-shows by an average of 34 percent (according to a study by the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health).

With our automate system, we support electronic record keeping. While not all systems do this, we thought this was essential to help your organization and time management as now patient files are easier to look up and find. Electronic record keeping eliminates the paper flying around your office. All that money wasted on file keeping can now be used on investing on other things your office may need.

Some offices have one room dedicated for record keeping alone! This makes it impossible for practices to have the extra space to set up another chiropractor on their team and see more patients as it is being used up for storage. It is important to increase your amount of money made per square foot of space, and if there is a lot of space being used for record keeping it may be time to take that space back and put it to better use.


Save Time

Let’s face it, time IS money. Errors cost money, poor organization costs money, poor management costs money, any thing that takes more time to complete than it should costs you money.

Our automatic system lessens the room for error dramatically. This is because all patient forms are digital, and they are filled in by the patient either before they go into the office or while they are there. Handwriting is not always legible, and manually transferring the writing onto a digital system may include some errors. All their contact and other personal information they provide on the form is typed in using a tablet and is uploaded into your system as soon as it is completed. This saves you time on both transferring data and correcting errors.

When it comes to saving time in the office all around, staying efficient is key. Too many offices write out their daily tasks and set themselves reminders on their phones or personal calendars. With our automatic system, small tasks continue to be handled in the background without you worrying. While these smaller, redundant tasks are being worked on in the background, you and your team will have more time to focus on the bigger things.

Secretaries can take on more phone calls and answer more questions for those in your practice. They can build stronger relationships and pay more attention to the quality of the service they provide which, in turn, strengthens your brand image and improves their patient experience now that they feel they are at the center of attention. Secretaries who do not have high levels of stress and not seen rushing back and forth trying to complete many tedious tasks help keep the patients relaxed and calm. The secretary is the very first person the patient will see as they walk through the office – and first impressions are everything!

You and your other staff members can stay focused on patients you see and other tasks you may have provided exclusively for them on the automatic system. On Digital Patient Chart, you can set up specific tasks to send out to certain people on your team. Customize their daily tasks and give them the ability to see their schedule updated live through the system on their own phone or office tablet.

Patients you see no longer need to wait for their files to be found, as your tablet has all patient information you see and is updated live (as it happens). With Digital Patient Chart automating small daily tasks, keeping you and your team focused and prepared with information you need at your fingertips, you save a lot of time every day that you can now use to improve your practice and overall work environment.

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