What the COVID Pandemic Taught Chiropractors about Patient Retention

For many chiropractors, learning to survive the restrictions imposed by the COVID pandemic meant learning how to make their services more attractive to customers. In turn, patients responded with increased loyalty.

Thus, many practices started embracing telemedicine and using effective tools to streamline their work, such as the Digital Patient Chart chiropractic software. They learned how to market their business under stressful conditions, monitor their cash flow, and improve their billing skills.

How to Retain Your Patients: a Chiropractor’s Guide in Difficult Situations

There are several elements that make a chiropractor’s practice attractive to a patient:

  • The promise of a solution for their pain and discomfort
  • A friendly attitude from the staff
  • The impression of cleanliness, hygiene, and safety of the practice
  • A simple way to manage their appointments and interact with their doctor.

Working at a reduced capacity, under extraordinary conditions regarding safety and hygiene, chiropractors learned how to enhance all these aspects that are important for their patients.

The outcome is:

1. A More Convenient Way to Make Bookings

“Your call is important, please hold the line.” These are words no one wants to hear, especially when trying to book a treatment or change the date of an existing appointment. And no chiropractic patient needs to hear them ever.

With the help of modern online booking tools, patients can quickly create their accounts and manage their appointments. They can log into their account or their laptop, mobile phone and tablet, and quickly book, change or cancel an appointment.

2. Perceived Added Value to Services

Telemedicine tools are not just about convenience. They are also a source of education and information for patients. Practitioners can upload useful patient information in the chiropractic software, such as:

  • Webinars (and invitations to attend new ones)
  • Patient orientation materials
  • Useful articles connected with chiropractic treatments
  • Q&A sections for the most common inquiries patients have.

3. Increased Digital Literacy for Both Chiropractors and Patients

Learning to use digital tools is a mutual experience for both doctors and patients. While chiropractors learned how to manage their online appointments, patients learned how to make them. When personal contact was not possible, patients and chiropractors used to chat and live webinars for information and helpful indications.

4. Data Is Crucial

Using a chiropractic software suite taught chiropractors the importance of data. We mean all kinds of data: financial, website traffic, patient engagement, billing, etc. It is not just about being profitable and getting paid on time. Data is useful for helping patients in a more meaningful way.

Quick access with historic patient data and their full medical files allows chiropractors to identify at-risk and vulnerable patients and prioritize them. They can also find ways to adapt their treatment if progress reports are not fully satisfactory.

5. Communication Saves Lives and Uplifts Spirits

Last but not least, modern technology allowed chiropractors to stay in touch with patients in a relevant way. The ability to share their fears and worries and receive advice or just a few kind words made a world of difference for patients in lockdown. They had the reassurance that they can still reach out and receive help, even when the entire world around them seemed to be crumbling down.

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