What’s So Great About Digital Forms?

Instead of the obvious “save money by going paperless”, what else is there to going digital when it comes to forms? Get excited, you’re about to find out!

When starting up your practice, or even upkeeping an experienced one, changing forms and keeping track of their original counterparts in various file cabinets can be a hassle. Some practices have dedicated an entire break room or an extra office space just to keep their filing cabinets – eliminating a great amount of space. Imagine what you could do with this extra space by eliminating all of the physical files and going digital, and how you could increase your profit per square footage by using that extra office what it was intended for or using up that space for something else that needs it. Sounds good, doesn't it? But going digital went beyond that!  Let’s look beyond the obvious and dig a little deeper when it comes to digital forms. What other changes they can make to your practice may surprise you.



Digital Patient Chart comes loaded with pre-existing digital forms used as standards across chiropractic offices. All pre-existing digital forms will stay updated if any changes need to be made to ensure you get all the right information the first time. All forms we provide are HIPAA compliant and our EHR chiropractic software prompts you through templates that are compliant with Evaluation & Management guidelines, as well as key aspects required by 3rd party payers, including treatment effectiveness and evidence-based care for medical necessity. If a patient needs to correct or update their form, they can do so online, and you will be updated in real-time! This means as soon as a change is made, it is updated across all systems using our software: your main computer, tablets, phone, etc! All up-to-date information stays at your fingertips.



Don’t stress about forms being in fireproof cabinets or what may happen during a flood or a power outage if stored in a hard drive. All information is saved in our system even if your power shuts off prematurely before a save can be made. Data from all forms are kept in a cloud, safe from any natural disaster or equipment malfunction. Because of being stored digitally, we completely secured our system so no one on the outside can access your patients’ personal information. All information stored in Digital Patient Chart is completely protected and always up to medical safety standards.



Not sure of what to ask new patients or how to adapt to changes that need to be made in forms? Our system provides you with pre-loaded forms that stay up to date. You can scan through our digital form library and choose which ones you need for your practice without wondering if you missed something. What’s great about our templates is we have designed them specifically for chiropractic offices and the information they ask for is what is standard across chiropractic practices. Information you gather from your patients can change over the years and you need to make sure you ask the right questions. Using our pre-loaded forms ensures you’re getting all the correct information you need without the headache. Want to include your own form or make some personal touches to ours? You got it! All forms our system includes can be completely customized by you. If there is an extra form you would like to include to fit other services you have available, you can create your own form from scratch!



Digital forms can be filled out on tablets in your office as a patient shows up or…online at home! That’s right, each patient will have their own access code to make changes to their forms or fill them out before they arrive at your practice. This allows them to take more time to think about their answers and fill them out at their own pace without holding up their appointment time or having to arrive even earlier to have the time – now they can arrive at your practice all ready to go for their appointment. We have encountered patients who may not know all the answers to the questions in the forms as well, whether they are unsure of their family’s history or have trouble with remembering some of their incidents in the past. Filling out digital forms at their own pace at home allows them to call their family or ask someone, if needed, about something that may run in their family or a time when an accident may have occurred. Giving your patients more time to answer these questions in a private setting could give your office more accurate answers.



We know creating forms isn’t always fun…the time spent making sure you ask the right questions and feeling silly when you forget something specific could lead you to spend even more time correcting the form and contacting others to get the missing information. And the protection? Nothing is more valuable than your patients’ information! Protecting your patients’ information and securing it in a place where it will never be destroyed or taken is top priority. Because our system is constantly updated, our security stays up to date as well to ensure you have top protection all the time. Having the freedom to customize our templates and create your own from scratch is great to have too! Not all chiropractic offices are built the same, so you may want to include a few extras you find important to have. If you choose to stick with our templates, however, our forms are HIPAA compliant, stay updated, and follow guidelines. Protect your patients with top-notch security, save money, save space, and be rid of the form-making headaches!

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