Why Analytics Matter

Analytics provides some very powerful information that can help you now and in the future! Learn what this data can do and how we give you the power to collect your own!

When looking into a strong system to support your Chiropractic practice one must take into consideration how your system will not only support you now but in the future. Digital Patient Chart is developed to grow alongside your practice, to highlight your practice’s strengths and point out how to improve any weaknesses. It’s responsive to not only how staff and patients use it, but it collects valuable data as well that visually shows you where you currently stand and access to past data for comparison. This data can be used to improve your practice in many areas and help strengthen the backbone of your office – and all chiropractors know how important the backbone is! So what, exactly, do analytics help with?


Better Decision Making

Analytics are priceless and the most valuable thing a practice can have. They help you make better decisions and used to enhance your practice’s productivity and growth. An overview of your practice broken down into data will help you analyze what is working and what isn’t. It allows you to see your strengths and weaknesses visually and takes the guesswork out of what needs to be changed or focused on.


Identify New Opportunities

With analytics, you can identify new opportunities. Seeing more about your patients will pinpoint untapped markets you probably did not think of. Thinking of opening a new location? Analytics can help you identify where. Planning a marketing campaign? Analytics tell you what your perfect niche is or help you see an untapped one. Or maybe there is a time during the year where the number of patients you see drop; analytics can catch this, show you when it happens, and encourage you to brainstorm new marketing campaigns to combat this.


Improve Your Practice From The Inside

Is there a drop in the office’s performance during a specific time of year? Learn when it occurs, understand why, and learn how to improve performance during that time in the future. If there are spikes throughout the year for new patients, analytics will keep this data so you can prepare your staff in advance. Learn what the practice does efficiently and inefficiently and oversee issues that arise from the practice even in your absence.


Maximize Value

When you can identify your patients and see who is more likely to go on a management plan or continue to see you for your services, you can use this data to help optimize your marketing investment – especially when you find out why these patients come to see you again and again. You can use their values to advertise to others who fit into their niche category.


Drive Down Costs

Are you investing in something that is not working? Analytics will put a spotlight on digital sources you have invested time and money in to let you know if it is paying off or wasting precious time. Are you investing in more staff during a time where patient appointments drop? It’s great to know you can now successfully make estimations on whether a decision is a make or break.


Why is it so Important to Collect Your Own Data?

Because you have real-time updates on your data, it will be easy for you to spot trends as they begin to happen and pick out patterns quickly. Have a marketing professional on your team? Their job performance can skyrocket if you share this data with them! Even if you consider hiring a marketer, showing them this data could speed up their startup performance as sometimes they have to begin from scratch.

Many industries and professionals do not leave the place they were working for with the data they have collected behind. A lot of times, if not most, they take this precious data with them as it was done through their own system. This makes it difficult when your office is looking for more help as now the new person who jumps on board must begin from the bottom. Having data collected within your OWN system saves time on research they would have had to do and stop them from using general estimations from other offices in the area – your data is a complete breakdown focused on your office and patients – it’s pure, accurate data.


How Are Analytics Seen on Digital Patient Chart?

Digital Patient Chart has a custom dashboard viewable only to the owner of the account. Data is extremely valuable, and we believe all practice owners should have a way to gather their own data to help their growth. It’s all set up to be easily readable even by those who have never sat down to look over data before. Digital Patient Chart provides separate breakdowns and can be viewed by what you deem is most valuable to you at the time. We understand a page of numbers can be quite confusing and overwhelming, so our visuals help organize and filter all valuable data into more easy to read spaces. Have multiple offices?

Digital Patient Chart allows you to see breakdowns of each office separately! Analyze your expansion compared to the original office location and see where another location may be needed! At Digital Patient Chart, we don’t just offer a system that works with your office tasks, we offer a system that is created specifically to enhance your entire office experience for your staff and patients and give you access to what is necessary for your practice to grow.

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