Why Organization Matters

How does being organized affect you? How do we react to clutter and disorganization?

There are many benefits of staying organized consistently and a lot of things can fall out of place when you don’t. In this article, we will go over why it is important to stay organized, what happens if the organization in the workspace becomes a problem and how you can stay organized no matter how busy the office gets.


Increase Your Productivity

It is well known that staying organized can significantly boost your productivity! Showing up to work and not knowing what tasks to start with can take up time just to figure out where or how to start. Having a list of things to do from what needs to be taken care of first can help you start the day off strong! Starting the day on the right foot can also set the tempo for the rest of your day – so coming to an organized workplace is a must!


Reduce Stress Levels

When you know what to expect for the day and have everything ready in its place, it makes it easier to locate what you need and keep the space free of clutter. Have important paperwork that is a few years old you need to locate? Having a filing cabinet is nice, but to reduce space and clutter, having an online system is the way to go. Also, an online system that keeps track of all files you need will ensure you can look up any patient files on any work device you are using without having to run back and forth room to room.


Hit Deadlines Consistently

Whether you only have a list for the day or goals you would like to reach for the week or month, a system that can not only keep track of your tasks and goals but send you notifications can help you stay on track. When everything you need is organized and your day, week, and monthly tasks and goals are planned out, you are building your path toward successful growth!


What Happens When There is Disorganization?

Being in a disorganized environment can cause a lot of problems to arise! It does not only affect your chiropractic office but your team as well!


Wasting Time

Time is the most valuable thing. Money can be earned back, but time cannot. Coming to a disorganized workspace will increase the amount of time-wasting activities. Some of the time-wasting activities include searching, multitasking (which causes more time switching from one task to the other), wandering (if unsure what to do next), and no automation on tasks that can work for you in the background while you focus on the more important tasks.


Lower Morale

A disorganized workplace can cause the feeling of excessive workloads as now it takes more effort for your team to get tasks done. Communication can also be stressful in an unorganized workplace if tasks and goals are not clear. This will affect their productivity and increase their stress levels. A disorganized workplace can cause poor productivity and employee dissatisfaction, leading to a lack of commitment and accountability.


Missed Opportunities

Every office wants to see growth and being disorganized can result in missing opportunities. Poor organization can lead to having a foggy understanding of what your objectives are and waste resources as your focus stays scattered. If tasks are not prioritized, you and your team goal fall short in reaching your goals and fulfilling their purposes. A lack of clarity can affect your team’s efforts, so having a solid understanding of tasks and goals can help your office take advantage of opportunities.


Losing Money

Disorganization can do a lot of harm to an office. Losing out on opportunities, having a team with low morale, experiencing high-stress levels, and wasting time all play a part in money going down the drain. Are you forgetting to follow up with patients? Recreating lost files? Paying late fees? Paying overtime for things that could have been done if the office was organized and stayed focused? Investing in a system to boost your organization will deliver your office a significant return on investment with money, time, and improve your office morale.


Disorganization Has an Easy Fix

Right now, you may be thinking about all the work you have ahead of you to start organizing your office. Luckily, turning your office into an organized space is quite simple! Our system, Digital Patient Chart, is built for chiropractic offices and only includes what offices need to stay organized and increase growth. There are no extra “shiny” things included within the system that could cause distraction or annoyance.

Each member of your office team will have their profile within our system and access to their own personal tasks and goals with custom notifications. Patient files are stored in the secure cloud so that you, your secretary, or other chiropractor or staff member can access the information they need on their office tablet without wandering off into other rooms. All office forms are built into the system and updated consistently.

A helpful calendar can be filtered to show you patient appointments, staff schedules, holidays, and office events. Keep track of their payments, how much they owe, and set up email automation to stay in touch!

Are you worried about a disorganized office holding you back on growth and missing opportunities? Digital Patient Chart can act as the backbone of your office by organizing all of your important information while keeping you and your entire team focused and constantly productive!

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