Your Practice’s Store at Your Fingertips

Most Chiropractors offer more than just services to their patients; they offer products that benefit their patients after their visit. Digital Patient Chart has an inventory system so you can keep track of all types of products you sell, both physical and nontangible products!
Having a Chiropractic Software that includes inventory management cuts a whole extra cost from leaving your pocket. You can set up limited number of the product available or have it set to unlimited. We at Digital Patient Chart love to get creative as well, so here are a few ideas of what physical or nontangible products you could offer and have listed available in our software!


Support Pillows

Pillows made with spine health in mind do very well and have a high sell-through rate in Chiropractic offices. In fact, most patients do not sleep in ideal positions – but you don’t need us to tell you that! These pillows can help them stay in a healthier sleeping position and minimize morning discomfort.


Vitamins and Supplements

Not all patients get the nutrients they need from food alone. Many Chiropractors offer vitamins and supplements to give their patients additional health support.



Chiropractors who have great experience love to share their knowledge and educate their patients. Offering your books in the office is a great way to show your patients your expertise and give in-depth understanding of how Chiropractic plays a huge part in maintaining their health.


Wellness Plans and Memberships

Wellness plans can offer patients a certain number of adjustments per month with different tiers for single or family plans. These are great ways to encourage patients to maintain their spinal health. Some Chiropractors go further than offering adjustments, and provide nutrition, massage, physical therapy and more.


Branded Products

Patients who are excited about services that have worked for them often love to share their excitement! Having your own branded products available such as keychains, shirts, or hats make a great way to spread awareness and remind your patients of their experience!
What’s more, if you do not have the funds to start up your own branding products, many print-on-demand companies who will deliver and create the products as they are ordered are out there for your convenience!


Classes or Workshops

Do you love to expand by offering workout sessions? Create PDF files or a digital video series for your patients. Better yet, you can offer these as live events!
You can even teach your own courses offered to fellow Chiropractors who are interested in improving in your area of expertise. The options are limitless!

With a software that supports your Chiropractic office’s multiple revenue streams, it is easier to oversee and handle your sales all in one place and keep up with your practice’s performance entirely!

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