Are you Feeling Limits on Your Practice?

Chiropractors are not only spending time with their patients, but they also become entrepreneurs and need to know how to run a business to become successful. Unfortunately, running a business can leave you working more than 60 hours per week and feeling mentally and physically exhausted. In addition, your practice will only grow based upon your efforts. It is easy to see how it can become stressful and why so many chiropractors experience burnout.

Besides attending to your patients, chiropractors often wear many hats. They become marketers, accountants, designers, help with customer service, public relations, and social media upkeep. All this becomes difficult to juggle and overtime the ongoing list can get lost in the mix and a lot of things may end up not getting done when there is just too much on your plate.


Digital Patient Chart: The Helping Hand You Need

What if there was a way to make your day less stressful by allowing you to focus on your patients instead of multiple other, very different tasks? When there are too many different tasks to do, it becomes harder to regain focus on switching to the next and ends up not only taking up more of your valuable time but causing more stress mentally. Not being able to focus on what you need will significantly limit your practice’s growth.


Daily Tasks and Time Management

Digital Patient Chart is designed to lend you a helping hand in taking care of many various tasks for you so you can go about your day taking care of your patients and focusing on delivering quality service. With only a certain amount of time in-between appointments and availability for each patient, Digital Patient Chart makes sure the time you have is well spent!

Our system allows you to stay consistently productive each day and adapts to your unique office schedule and behaviors. What this means is the more you use the system, the more it learns about your staff and your practice. This helps you determine what you and your staff are doing that is keeping the practice on track and what may need improvement or focus. See how time is spent and have an easier time developing plans for the future and making quick decisions.


Increase Patient Retention

Stay in touch with your patients without having to send out material all the time. Use Digital Patient Chart’s automated messaging and emailing system to stay top of mind with your patients. All it takes is a one-time setup and you can schedule when and how often they receive updates or newsletters. Not simple enough? Digital Patient Chart comes with built-in templates you may use and switch out images and text on the spot!

Another way Digital Patient Chart helps is by keeping your patients engaged with the built-in Patient Portal. This lets your patients leave a video or written reviews straight on the app that can be sent to various review sites and approved by your office. The Patient Portal is a great way for your practice to increase word of mouth and retain your current patients. Click here to learn more about the features inside the Digital Patient Chart Patient Portal.


Marketing and Analytics

Stop stressing or guessing what may or may not be working for your practice and instead use Digital Patient Chart’s analytic overview to see where your patient traffic is coming from and what marketing tactics have been working or flopping. Data is often lost when you change marketers and takes a new marketer brought on your team a month or so to gather their own analytics to use for your office.

Digital Patient Chart keeps your own data updated in real-time so you or your marketing team are able to put it to use immediately and takes away a lot of time spent on “trial and error”. Data Digital Patient Chart collects on your office and patient behaviors help you plan out campaigns and office growth strategies! You can even use Digital Patient Chart’s automated emails to set up an email marketing campaign!



Stop Multitasking and Take Away the Limitations

We have gone over how multitasking can hurt you and your practice. Many limits felt by running your own office is often from how much you believe you can get done in the amount of time you have. Multitasking, although may sound like a good idea, can work against you and put out work that may be less than ideal. If you want your brand to stand out, focus and consistency is key and the way you make sure you put out quality is by setting aside the time to ensure quality.

Unfortunately having time on the side can be tough for a chiropractor who runs their own office, but Digital Patient Chart can give you your time back by taking off the weight that does not have to be on your shoulders in the first place. Keeping up with daily tasks, patients, marketing, and more can become too much.

Do more for your office by doing less: Let Digital Patient Chart handle the weight so you can experience unlimited growth.