Email Customization: How Much Can I Do and Why Does it Matter?

Email presentation can say a lot about your business. Learn how much you can customize and why it matters!

Email templates are very important for email marketing and we believe it should come with your chiropractic software. Why? Because email is one of the top ways you stay connected and update your patients. How your emails look matter and can say a lot about you and your chiropractic office.

Digital Patient Chart is a system built specifically for chiropractic offices helping offices grow, save time, focus, and improve the overall patient experience in and out of your office. This chiropractic software adapts to your chiropractic office and is frequently updated with improvements and runs 24/7 working on tedious repetitive daily tasks so you don’t have to. A part of this system includes an automatic emailing function and we have brought up a few reasons why and how it can be used to help with your email marketing.

But what’s so great about having an email that is visually appealing?


Why Should I Have a Good Design?

Designs encourage conversions and clicks to your site and other links. It establishes what type of brand you represent, makes your office look professional, and helps the eyes settle and relax whereas an email full of text could cause eye strain.

  • Your patients will be blown away by seeing attractive email designs!
    This is important because our attention is redirected so easily and seeing an attractive email can help keep a person focused. Focus can easily be shifted away if the email does not look appealing.
  • Makes your content “easy to scan”.
    A good email template will help you separate content so your patients will have an easier time reading through it without clutter. Adding images and important content first will allow them to know what it is about before reading it in its entirety. This creates a win-win situation: you get your message across and the person reading the email feels more satisfaction in reading it.
  • Increase click rates.
    Attractive emails that fit your audience will increase click rates and do much better than plain text and links.
  • Keeps your brand recognizable.
    Having your emails representing your chiropractic branding colors and logo will help your patients remember the office behind it. Since your logo is unlikely to change (unless you are starting out or revamping your brand), using your logo as your starting point for the rest of the email’s design is a good idea if you are stuck.
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly.
    Good email designs are responsive and mobile-friendly. Responsive simply means it can work across all devices. Emails that do not respond well on certain devices, such as phones, tend to distort the text, images, and even coding which can make the email look confusing. If the email is too distorted or confusing for the reader, they may close the email before knowing what the message was about!

Using our system to design your emails will ensure your emails look good on all devices, taking all the guesswork, time, and coding out of it!


How Versatile are Digital Patient Chart Email Templates?

We provide you with templates that focus on ideal layouts. You have two options: use our structured template layouts or create your own email template entirely.

  • Using our templates.
    When using our templates, you pick out which template’s layout you like the most for the type of email you need. You can edit all text, links, images, colors, and text effects. Delete anything you do not need or add something more!

    Emailing can take a lot of time, so using templates with good structure can help you set up your ideal email style quicker. With our templates, it is possible to edit your own layout in less than 5 minutes! Save your edits and send them off to everyone, certain patients or lists you create in Digital Patient Chart.

    Using templates for layout and structure does not mean they are “stuck” in place either. These can help you decide what you want and move things around to your liking. Our templates adapt and work on any device whether it be desktop or mobile. This takes the time and coding out of designing a template to fit each device appropriately.

  • Create your own.
    You may desire complete freedom to design your own template from scratch. Well, you can! Our system supports the ability for you to code in your own designs or hire a professional to create a unique format for you.

Keep in mind, no matter which option you choose you have the ability to save as many templates as you want to fit certain circumstances such as patient updates, auto-responses, events, office closings, holiday greetings, chiropractic classes, and more!


Digital Patient Chart stands out because it is much more than an appointment software. It helps with your overall patient engagement, marketing strategies, and automating office tasks to give you and your chiropractic office the time and effort it takes to keep on growing and enhances the patient’s office experience.

Our software is created by no third parties which enables us to update the system quickly and react directly to requests. We are a small group who know chiropractic offices and their needs. Want to learn more about our system to see if it’s a great fit for your chiropractic office? Contact us today!