How to Keep a Sustainable Chiropractic Practice

Many chiropractic practices have a hard time focusing on what really matters. Learn the three basic things that keep a chiropractic practice successful.

There are a lot of things chiropractors who have their own practice will learn over time as they enter the world of entrepreneurship. It is said that the only way to learn from owning your own practice, is through the experience of running your own practice. However, there are three things that are critical to the foundation of sustainable chiropractic practice:


  1. Stay in Sight – on Top of Mind

Your community should see the name and logo of your practice on a regular basis. Even though they may not need you at the time they see it, your goal is to have them think of you first when they do encounter a time they or someone they know will need your service.

To stay on top of mind, be sure to keep in contact with all your current and past patients with email marketing and social media. Our system helps you email effortlessly with automatic scheduling and grants you more time to post on your social media accounts. With Digital Patient Chart, your emails can be made to include your social media links at the bottom of each email and include a link for you to request a review from those who have used your services.

Reviews are invaluable. Potential patients often look to their peers before deciding whether to trust your services or not, especially if they are unfamiliar with chiropractic. Having a small section at the bottom of your email after a patient has gone through your services that asks them to take 2 minutes out of their day to leave a review by using a link to your social media account, Google, or Yelp review will help your practice reach more potential patients who are in need of your services.


  1. Referral Generation

Referrals are very important! (Although, you may already know this!) To encourage referrals, share success stories with your contact list so they can see how your services have helped someone. Sharing the patient’s reasoning behind their visit and possibly backstory, if they give one to share, can help others who may be going through a similar situation see the value in your services. Do not forget the power behind referrals in success stories and share them throughout your social media platforms and email contact list.

Digital Patient Chart works with the patient to patient referrals, too. If a patient refers someone to your practice, our system will log their referral and keep tabs on whomever else they have referred to you. This allows you to reward those who have referred many patients to your practice! Startup referral programs or host a contest on who can refer the most to your practice and keep track of our system of how many of their referrals became a patient.


  1. Refine Consistently

Like in any business, growth is a must. In order to grow a practice, a chiropractor should never stop learning or becoming better. Always take the time to refine your techniques, learn something new, improve your services, and educate your patients. We know having your own practice is exhausting at times and there is so much to do; this is why Digital Patient Chart acts as a part of your chiropractic team. Digital Patient Chart is not a stagnant system that you buy once and need to change later down the road, instead, it grows with your practice and adapts to your needs. Our system, just like your practice, never stops learning and consistently improves. Systems made to give chiropractic offices a hand can put big limitations on one’s practice and our Digital Patient Chart works to break through those boundaries.


No matter if you are launching a startup practice or owner of an experienced one, these three things are essential to its growth and success: Top of mind, referral generation, and refining consistently. Our system, Digital Patient Chart, works alongside your practice to help you with all three. With our email scheduling and automation, you will be able to stay top of mind. With Digital Patient Chart’s referral program, you can keep up with which patients have referred the most to your practice. Furthermore, our system refines itself on a day to day basis – learning, growing, and adapting to your practice’s needs.

Check out some tasks you can automate with the use of our system and how having Digital Patient Chart eliminate the need to multitask is highly beneficial to your practice and mental health.

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