Tasks You Can Automate With Chiropractic Software to Save Time

Many successful specialists rely on chiropractic software to work smarter, not harder. Even if you consider yourself a successful chiropractor, there is always room for improvement. Imagine not having to schedule your patient by calling and writing down in your calendar. Imagine getting hold of any patient file in a few seconds, without having to call the nurse on the intercom. Imagine being able to focus more on your patients and less on administrative tasks.

After all, you are a chiropractor, not an office manager. But these tasks need to be done – and if you can’t afford a large staff, you have to do them yourself. This is why IT specialists developed chiropractic software.

Your Daily Schedule, Free from Routine Tasks by Chiropractic Software

Before you start considering installing chiropractic software in your office, we encourage you to try a little experiment. Use a timer for all your daily activities at the office. At the end of the day, add up the time spent with patients. Next, add up the time spent with routine and administrative tasks.

You will find out that, if you could skip those tasks, you could have seen one or two more patients. But, of course, you cannot skip those tasks. What you can do is automate and streamline them using chiropractic software.

Here are just a few tasks and activities you can stop doing manually:

1. Appointment Scheduling – Chiropractic Software

This is one of the most time consuming administrative tasks for a chiropractor. Also, it is one of the most prone to errors, such as double booking the same slot or forgetting to reconfirm an appointment.

With chiropractor software, your patients will schedule themselves and receive instant confirmation if the date and time they selected are available. You will always have an up to date schedule with zero errors. The software also allows you to block time you need for other activities so that your patients cannot schedule appointments during that period.

2. Patient Registration

Whether you have new or returning patients, they all must register or sign in as proof of their acceptance of the treatment and access of their medical file. Every sign-on and registration must be kept on record in case your practice receives an audit or inspection from healthcare authorities.

Traditional printed forms are outdated and unreliable. Patients lose a lot of time writing all the details. And there is always the risk of losing the papers. Chiropractic software remembers the details for each returning patient and keeps data safe and confidential. Signing-in will take just a few moments of the patients’ time and the information will be available whenever you need to prove that a patient consented to the treatment.

3. EHR Documents – Chiropractic Software

Chiropractic software is compliant with HIPAA regulations on EHR (electronic health records). Thus, every patient file created and stored in the software will be perfectly in order during audits and inspections. At the same time, the software ensures that the documents are kept confidential and cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.

4. Access to Patient History

No matter how well you know your patients, you need to look over their medical history before every session. This can take valuable time from the appointment slot. Sometimes, you may even exceed the allotted time and the next patient will have to wait before they can see you.

Using chiropractic software, you get streamlined access to any record stored in it, with a simple search by name or patient code. In a few moments, the document will be on your computer screen and you will know what course of treatment you have to use.

5. Onboard-ing Employees

When you hire new staff members, you usually have to spend time showing them where to find all the documents they will be working with. Using chiropractic software, employee onboarding will take very little time and you will always have the control over the documents each employee can access.

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