Email Customization with Digital Patient Chart

Emails are a big deal and, thanks to our system, easy to create!

At Digital Patient Chart, we know creating emails can take up valuable time. Emails are also the number one recommended way to market to your patients without a high cost involved. Although social media is great for expanding your reach, emails can hold your audience’s attention without ads or other posts taking away from your content. In addition, emails are not “cold calling”; instead, someone willingly gives you their email because your service struck their interest at some point in time.

So how does Digital Patient Chart help with your emails?


Build Email Lists

You do not want your current patients to receive the same welcoming emails as your new or potential patients. That, and if your patients are on specific plans or using additional services you provide you would want certain emails to be more custom to fit their situation.

Having email lists created to fit certain plans or services you provide will allow the patient to feel more connected and have content they find more useful than a general email blast sent to everyone. Welcome your newest patients to your office by adding them to an email list to receive introductions and information on what to expect during their visits. Current patients can receive updates on upcoming events and useful insight on how to enhance their health even further with tips and tricks on exercises or food that will help their system.

Your patients can be separated into lists based upon a condition they may have. This feature is useful when you have an additional insight you would like to share that can be important to certain patients. Use email lists to expand your patient’s experience even more by getting creative with the content you make! If you want more ideas for creating emails, check out our post Email Marketing: Far From Dead!



Personalizing emails in your lists will increase their loyalty to your brand as they are being treated as a person rather than a number. To add to this, personalized emails are more likely to be opened and clicked on while improving your patient’s experience with your office. Many offices have had their emails unopened because of them not catching their audience’s attention. Including these simple personalization, touches can make a huge difference!

While you are writing your automated emails, you can use certain tricks within Digital Patient Chart that enable you to replace text to match each patient’s name when they open it!


Create Your Own Email Templates

Creating your own email templates can be quite time-consuming. For those who have no experience in creating their own email templates, this time could significantly increase. With Digital Patient Chart, we have templates already premade – ready for you to give them your customized touch!

As you set up your emails you can add text effects, links, images, video, and more! Without the coding or paying for a template online. Add in your logo, change out the text, drop links to your social media accounts and website, and you’re done! Changes can be made to the colors as well to match your chiropractic office branding. With little effort, you will have professional looking emails sent out in no time!


Automate When Patients Receive Emails

Now that your email lists and template is set up, what do you do next? In our system, you can schedule when your emails are sent off to each person. Do they have a birthday coming up? An appointment they have missed?

Emails are sent out depending on each patient’s unique situation. The data captured in Digital Patient Chart is connected to your email features, so once a patient’s birthday comes around an email is sent out to them wishing them a happy birthday automatically! If they missed an appointment, an automated email can be sent with a link and your office number to reschedule.

Automation can be different for each list. New patients can receive a welcome email after signing up with your office and details about an upcoming patient orientation class. Those who are part of a plan can receive a follow-up email after each visit and friendly reminders of their next appointment.

If your office will be closed due to unforeseen circumstances, an automatic email blast can be sent to all lists. When your office is closed in an emergency situation, all patients who had their appointments affected will be contacted by email to reschedule without you having to lift a finger and send emails out to each patient individually.


Email Customization and Automation Makes a Difference

According to SmartInsights and GetResponse, Business Owners, Executives, and Marketers were asked to identify the biggest benefit of marketing automation, such as automated email generation. The top four benefits they came up with were the following in order from greatest benefit: Saving time, lead generation, increase in revenue, and customer retention.

Having the ability to customize such a tool for your marketing makes a huge difference in how professional your brand looks. With automated emails providing great benefits to chiropractic offices, you should have the ability to make your emails your very own. Your logo, colors, and design aesthetic are all part of the template; resulting in a positive, consistent brand experience for your patients.

Our easy-to-use email template editing tools will get your office’s personal templates set up right the very first time. With no coding involved, you know your template will work the way it’s supposed to, and you can easily preview the way it looks while you customize it!

At Digital Patient Chart, our team does not rely on any third-party developers. If you want any changes made to enhance your email experience, you can contact us directly and we will help.