Your Practice is Only as Good as its Software

How software can put a cap on your practice and how our system is designed to break through the barriers.

For a successful practice, a Chiropractor needs a software their office can “marry”: A type of software that does not limit the abilities of the practice but, instead, breaks the limits of the practice while seamlessly becoming one with it.

New, innovative technology is great to have, but if it puts a cap on certain functions it can hinder your growth tremendously and keep you away from achieving a higher goal. It is not uncommon to spend money on something that becomes “obsolete” when you reach a limit; however, we believe limits should never be set as everyone has a specific goal in mind they would love to reach (and who are we to put a restraint on how much you can achieve?). Imagine starting up a practice with 20 patients who see you regularly, so you spend money on a system that allows you to set up appointments on different media simultaneously. Suddenly, you begin picking up business and you’re ready to invest on an entirely different system for staff scheduling. Soon enough, you invest money in many different systems that do various things and realize, in order to get more out of the system – you’re required to upgrade or look someplace else that allows you to cross over a specific boundary.

As soon as you cross a certain threshold, software can become not-so-ideal from that moment forward. Our goal is to eliminate limits put on your practice and remove the switch fever that comes about when a software limit lets you down. Let’s face it, constant switching itself can be tiring as it means you’re forced to take time to learn a new interface each time and there are companies who will place a limit on the support you are able to receive from the software you just purchased, so why not switch or start-up on a software that can stick with your practice? What we want for you is a software your practice can run home to, count on and grow with.

An ideal system will let you take on more appointments for your office when you thought you couldn’t, it can allow you freedom to connect with your patients on a more meaningful level, bring about more opportunities to establish your brand, and it can help jumpstart the practice on those monotonous Monday mornings. Our system is an ideal system we have created to work alongside you so your practice can reach an even higher potential and bring out positive change to the office environment that will lift you up and keep the team going on those long, tiring days.

First Impressions are Everything

Some software may be “too much foam and little beer”. If software is loaded with a ton of unnecessary fancy baggage, it could create slower loading times or begin to act finicky. Spending too much time finding things or working around a finicky user-face can cause your patient to think you are concentrating more on the software than attending to their needs. Software for your practice should not be a distraction, and instead respond quickly to what you need with an easy navigation; this will take away the hassle of finding the information you need on your patient and provide them with a more exceptional experience they can remember.

Software that loads slowly or acts finicky can also place a limit on the number of patients you can keep up with. If you are not fully confident on how your software can handle your flow, it can lessen the total number of patients you are comfortable seeing per day just so you have time aside for the software to load and correct itself.

A large sum of the first impression is put on the secretary too as they are the first person patients usually meet. To see how our software allows your secretary to have more freedom to give your patients an outstanding first impression, click here.

Support Matters

A lot of software does fall short due to limited/poor customer support and relying on third-party software developers, but how can this negatively affect your practice? Well, consider this: You open your doors for the day and ready yourself to begin seeing your patients until you realize your system is acting buggy. Depending on the bug, it could stop patients from trying to schedule appointments on their mobile devices or computer; this issue can cost you an opportunity of helping new, or reoccurring, patients and should be fixed quickly. 

To help fix this, you (or someone on your team) calls the company for assistance and are either put on hold for a long period of time, told you need a certain “higher tier” account for live support and should email them instead (which does happen with certain software companies), or having to wait a while for a software fix to be made that could take up to 2 days. Digital Patient Chart does everything in house for this very reason. Bugs can cause you temporary limitations that can set your practice back. Since we do not rely on third-party developers, we can handle these issues ourselves rather quickly. 

Software is a Team Player

You need to be ready to run your practice whether you are feeling motivated or drained out. As a business owner, you may have experienced burn out a couple of times already. A good software should help keep your practice moving even when you are tired or away on a well-deserved break. A lot of limits are put on a practice that has “down days” or days where the owner is away. Software can easily become part of your team by starting up the day for you and reminding everyone of their tasks at hand to increase their focus.

Not all software will be a team player and is often there for a few functions instead of handling most of the weight put on your shoulders. If you and your team become too drained or unfocused, it takes your energy away from adding in the small details of what makes your brand unique since you become so focused on remembering than just doing. Consistency is key to running a successful practice and having a software that keeps the team consistent even while you’re away will give you more branding opportunities. Software that does only a select few things, will still place a cap on the time you have for planning growth opportunities.

If you want some ideas on small branding details that create a huge impact in a practice, check out this article on small branding tasks you can do with the time we help you save.

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